Kolhapur Best Hotels – Couple Friendly

The city of Kolhapur lies in the state of Maharashtra to the western part of India. Here, one can soak in the rich culture and history of times gone by. Kolhapur is a hub for heritage and is compared to “City of Palaces” because of its aesthetic splendid water structures. Astonishingly, the exquisite Palazzo Espagnol, […]

Best 5 Star Hotels In Juhu

With Juhu being situated along the Arabian Sea coast in Mumbai, you get to hard a look at how coastal charm and urban liveliness blend together. When the sunlit surface of the sand gleams with gold, Juhu Beach enlivens everybody with so many beautiful moments shared by families, friends, and the melodious performances by the […]

Top Hotels In Seef

With respect to Bahrain, the Seef district in Manama by its sea-side, a marvel that blends tradition and technology would hypnotize everyone, be they both locals and wanderers. Attributed with amazing landmarks of manmade domes and sprawling city streets, Seef industry hub of both business and culture is heart of beating Bahrain which runs with […]

Best 5 Star Hotels In Bangalore

Beautiful Bangalore, the web of modernity and tradition, is the Garden City of India which wins the soul by its graceful blend of the two. Nestled in the center of Karnataka, this vibrant city is a yellow web, blue web, green web of colors, aromas, and smiles. While the sun rises it dazzles city views […]

5 Star Hotels in Kolhapur

The Green City lies in the state of Maharashtra in the western part of India. The culture, traditions and history of the city are preserved over many generations. Lacunar temple, victorious palaces, tasteful cuisine, and elegant handicrafts, Kolhapur city presents a remarkable fusion of former age heritage and contemporary allure. To the core of the […]

The Best 5 Star Hotels In Tirupati

Tirupati, a place of devotion, is at the foot of the Seshachalam ranges, the Eastern Ghats in the south of India. A place which accommodates the sacred temple of Sri Venkateswara and draws millions of believers every year in search of their blessings and peace, its inner life brings faith and tranquility to the visitors. […]