Top Hotels In Seef

With respect to Bahrain, the Seef district in Manama by its sea-side, a marvel that blends tradition and technology would hypnotize everyone, be they both locals and wanderers.

Attributed with amazing landmarks of manmade domes and sprawling city streets, Seef industry hub of both business and culture is heart of beating Bahrain which runs with always energy with or without time of day.

In this city, where the endless rows of luxury high – rises provide backdrop for the hive of activity on the streets, one can indulge in the kaleidoscope of experiences from savoring the smells of local and international cuisines to strolling through the green parks and lively waterfront … Due to its up market, luxurious mall available in temperature Seef and popular trendy outlets for local crafts and designer labels, Seef attracts shoppers to discover these gems.

Nonetheless, Seef neighborhood works hard to maintain its culture and local heritage, encouraging tourists to immerse themselves in its rich history through some enigmatic museums, galleries, and cultural events that are a recognisable aspect of Bahrain’s identity.

Seef always houses millions of lives in every corner and every soul tells a story of the past of the Seef in each street.

Seef serves as a symbol of Bahrain’s spirit of steadfastness, diversity, and boundless hospitality and opens its embrace to all who fall under its influence.

Let’s take a look at some of the top Hotels in Seef.

Ramee Grand Hotel And Spa, Seef, Bahrain

This is the best hotel in Seef, Situated amidst Seef district’s pulse in the hub of Bahrain, the Ramee Grand Hotel and Spa, a luxury and relaxing hideaway, is a perfect place where travelers can take a break away from routine, to enjoy their accommodation and be refreshed.

Designed with a modern style and spacious halls, the five-star hotel is characterized by its elegance and tastefulness, entrapping guests in the charms of its vision right when they set foot inside.

Articulating their wide array of lavish rooms from plush to luxurious suites, each depicting the modern amenities and quality furniture, the Ramee Grand is the destination of the well-to-do looking for a suite of overpriced accommodation.

Global scents of fine dining are available at hotel restaurants with the exquisite cuisines designed by chefs all over the world which make an exciting culinary expedition in themselves during your stay.

Though for those looking to escape to rejuvenation, the hotel welcomes you with its sophisticated spa, through which a lot of pampering treatments and holistic therapies could be accessed and it provides you a place which is peaceful and full of well-being.

Modern amenities comprising a thoroughly equipped gym, court swimming pools, and capable event space that guide the deficiencies of guests regardless of motive of the travel.

Ramee Grand Hotel & Spa is, no doubt, the best in class hotel in the region because it offers a high level of personalized service, attention to details and prime location near Seef’s attractions and landmarks.

So, if you want to be served like a true VIP, Ramee Grand Hotel & Spa is the right choice for you.

Address:- Rd 2813, Seef, Bahrain

Price:- INR 8,000/ Night

Website:- Ramee group.

Royal Saray Resort

Bahrain’s’ Royal Saray ‘is situated near the pristine shores of its coastline.

This luxurious resort with its lavish amenities is the ideal place for discerning travelers who look for peace of mind as well as opulent escape.

Stealing the show with its splendid architecture drawing on Arabian palaces and luxurious decorations decorated with the most intricate of details and exquisite furniture, the resort creates an atmosphere which is royal, majestic and utmost sophisticated.

Guests enter into a whole different and unmatched comfort zone with the levels of service that remains personalized with precise anticipation of the guests’ needs and the highest regard for fulfilling the desires of the guests.

The resort offers glamorous amenities making it possible to accommodate the whole range of guests from spacious rooms to luxurious suites, with either an azure gulf or a sunset coast view.

At Royal Saray Resort you can enjoy limitless indulgence if you like to eat whatever you fancy, having heavenly buffets mixed up with artistic meals made by well-known chefs.

Those desiring relaxation and rejuvenation can also avail spirited spa and wellness centers where they can sing spoons on some Spanish songs with the therapists and enjoy healthy treatments.

Fun is at the start of the road, as you can choose from a lot of water sports, recreational activities, or adventure excursions, which all deserve your attention amongst the great nature and cultural richness of Bahrain.

Whether they are relaxing by the infinity pool, taking a stroll on the private beach, or enjoying the well-appointed amenities of their suite, guests glide through the Royal Saray Resort in an atmosphere of luxury, elegance and outstanding emiratos hospitality.

Address:- Avenue 38 Building 56, Block 428, Seef Bahrain

Price:- INR 49,000/ Night

Website:- Royal Saray.

Grand Swiss-Belhotel Waterfront Seef

Amidst the lively Seef district in Manama, Bahrain, the Grand Swiss-Belhotel Waterfront Seef, located at the picturesque location of the seat of the business center, is shining as the most luxurious and chic landmark giving to its guests an unforgettable feeling of coziness and exclusivity.

A hotel of this kind with a modern look and breathtaking view of the Persian Gulf unfolds the moderator and serenity it shares with its guests as soon as they enter its gates.

Brimming with an array of carefully designed and well equipped rooms and suites that have a touch of modernity and posh furnishings, the hotel provides respite to those who consider themselves as connoisseurs of travel.

Delicacies will also be found at the hotel’s plunge of restaurants that offer flavors as worldwide and as pretentious.

The luxury hotel of Grand Swiss-Belhotel Waterfront Seef gives the guests a chance to get away from the city turmoils by its high end wellness facilities where one can be pampered in a spa, take care of fitness in a gym and swim with breathtaking scenery of the Gulf.

Regardless of the reason for travel, be it business or leisure, one can enjoy use of the hotel’s conference and business facilities including the latest technology and products which are dedicated to successful meetings and functions.

The central position of the hotel which is among the busy commercial and entertainment district hubs of Seef paves the way for easy visitations to nearby attractions, shopping malls, and cultural sites and therefore, provides an epic (unforgettable) journey for every guest.

The Grand Swiss-Belhotel Waterfront in Seef, whose flawless service and attention to detail are always in focus, creates special moments and describes very awesome experiences for travelers from every part of the globe.

Address:- Building 2685, Road 4650 Block 346, Seef Building 2685, Road 4650 Block 346, Seef, Seef 00000 Bahrain

Price:- INR 9,000/ Night

Website:- Grand Swiss.

Mercure Grand Hotel Seef

Sited in the cleft of the action-packed center of the Seef district within Manama, Bahrain is the Mercure Grand Hotel Seef which implies a haven of comfort as well as elegance, inviting visitors to enjoy the world of luxury and convenience.

With its cool and modern look, the hotel incorporates the best of both sides, from the contemporary stylizations to the traditional public relations, resulting in an environment that is both appealing and refined.

Boasting wide and elegant looking accommodation such as rooms and suites Mercure Grand Hotel Seef offers a refuge for guests looking to end their tension, sweat and battle fatigue.

Visitors can, among several other facilities, choose to swim in an outdoor swimming pool or work out in a fully-kitted fitness center or relax in a peaceful spa which is all meant to leave them with an enjoyable and gratifying experience.

Culinary imagination is the main promise of the hotel’s restaurants and cafes where expert chefs will create a special dishes’ list full of different world and local qualities so that all the gastronomic travelers will find their own way.

The hotel has an academically advantageous situation being right in Seef where guests can easily reach shopping malls, cultural sites and entertainment venues, through the arteries of Bahrain’s capital city and are submerged in the vibrant beating of the city’s heart in real life.

Whether on a business trip or holiday, Mercure Grand Hotel Seef makes all details prime to perfection that its guests deserve with the attentive service, superb facilities, and unparalleled attention to excellence, offering the finest remaining unforgettable for all.

Address:- Road 2827, Seef 18084 Bahrain

Price:- INR 14,000/ Night

Website:- Mercure grand.

S Hotel Bahrain

S Hotel Bahrain, stationed in the middle of the buzzing Manama city, Bahrain, provides a great opportunity to roam quality time at the city’s biggest sightseeing spots and top cultural venues in a short distance.

With its location in the live and Let lively Seef district, the hotel will surround you with a consistent modern relish of the scattered skyscrapers, the crowded shopping centers and the culture pot, thus exposing you to the essence of the Bahrain cosmopolitan rush.

S Hotel Bahrain is indeed unique as its modern and classy design plus the ambience make it exemplify a classy and reputable image.

Guests start enjoying the opulence once they get past the main lobby, all elegant with modern arts and classy furniture design that display luxury and comfort at any level.

All rooms and suites of the hotel are designed so that they can serve as a tranquil retreat when set against the city`s hectic downtown, with all contemporary amenities available and the appointments being plush so that guests can rest well.

From the rooftop to the comfort of their own sanctuary, people can enjoy what life has to offer even inside their private spaces.

The set of luxuries and relaxation may leave one out of words.

S Hotel Bahrain scatters throughout the property a colorful selection of restaurants, ranging from the creative gastronomic creations of its flagship restaurants to the lounging atmosphere of its stylish lounge and bars.

Guests will be engaged by trading global cuisines made of only the best elements buffeted by immaculate travel service and dedication to detail.

Apart from the high-end rooms and flavourful food, S Hotel Bahrain gives its customers a line of services and facilities that are specific and aimed at satisfying each and every one’s need and want.

Rethretting at the rooftop pool, a special spa with a wide range of options or discovering the city day and night, all while enjoying the taste of luxury and elegance are what define the S Hotel Bahrain.

Address:- Block 428, Near City Centre, Seef, Manama, Bahrain, 985

Price:- INR 9,000/ Night

Website:- S Hotel.

Tulip Hotel and Suites

Tulip hotel and suites, situated in the luxurious milieu of Manama city in Bahrain, is not simply an accommodation, but a lifetime memory that everyone would love to relish.

You will find that an Arabic feel mixed with modern restful and calm design will surround you in each part of the house.

The majestic and luxurious lobby with an amazing décor helps to capture any customer’s attention and makes him feel the relaxing atmosphere and elegance once he steps in.

The hotel’s suites, which are individually designed as havens of luxury and charm, provide an escape from the hawkeye city below, with immense vistas that mesmerize and provoke.

Immerse yourself in a ‘foodie’ adventure by sampling a unique cuisine, mingled in one spot, served to broaden your taste buds and enlighten all of your senses at the hotel dining places considered.

Beyond the hotel walls lie adventures as there are many places of attractions to see and experience all around, right within the guests’ reach and challenging them to discover and explore.

However, in the midst of all the commotion and excitement, Tulip Hotel and Suites becomes a little place of calm, where guests can drink cocktails by the swimming pool and look at constellations under the starlit sky or just run away from the rush into nothingness and enjoy the simple things.

You will experience personal customer service that goes above and beyond expectations and that makes you feel special and that leaves a remarkable and long lasting impression.

The Tulip Hotel and Suites will transform your time with us into an unforgettable reminder, something that you will treasure for life.

Address:- Road 1010, Block 410, Building 459, Opp City Centre Mall,, Seef, Manama, Bahrain, 459

Price:- INR 10,000/ Night

Website:- Tulip Hotel.


Seef is situated in Manama, the capital city of Bahrain, along the northern coastline of the country.

The Seef area encompasses virtually everything that a shopaholic could ever hope for, and much more, because you not only get a chance to shop but also to have a fabulous time dining or relaxing in Avenues, a nearby shopping complex.

People can also ferry their adrenalin at Wahooo! through water rides and slides.

If you are either a family or an adventurous person, then Waterpark is the one for you to try out.

Shopping and dining options at Seef Mall range from famous international labels, local stores, and a colorful culinary experience.

Besides, Bahrain International Exhibition and Convention Centre presents fairs, conferences, and exhibitions all year round; thus, Seef accommodation facilities welcome local people, as well as the guests visiting The Kingdom of Bahrain.

Movement both in and around Seef is good to the point of being convenient, as there are many variants of transports at your service.

Yellow cabs are about and then there are the Uber and Lyft with the ride-hailing apps which can be simply hailed by the street or by phone.

Seef has public buses run by Bahrain Public Transport Company that ply along various routes including those connecting it to other parts of Manama and the rest of the country at large.

Besides Seef having many accessible attractions and facilities in its vicinity, walking has also been made easier with the advent of the foot-friendly infrastructure, which in turn has helped in the exploration of the area.

If visiting Seef in comfort is the priority, the car rental services will take care of the transportation needs, and Seef visitors will be on their own personal schedule.

Accordingly, the Seef hotels have shuttle services to the neighboring playing hubs, shopping malls, and the airports terminal, hence offering guests the needed alternative to get around.

Moreover, the constant running after schools, banks, government offices and other ‘identified places’ have become a rule rather than an exception for all the people of the Seef who have a cycling habit.

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