Kolhapur Best Hotels – Couple Friendly

The city of Kolhapur lies in the state of Maharashtra to the western part of India. Here, one can soak in the rich culture and history of times gone by. Kolhapur is a hub for heritage and is compared to “City of Palaces” because of its aesthetic splendid water structures. Astonishingly, the exquisite Palazzo Espagnol, […]

5 Star Hotels in Kolhapur

The Green City lies in the state of Maharashtra in the western part of India. The culture, traditions and history of the city are preserved over many generations. Lacunar temple, victorious palaces, tasteful cuisine, and elegant handicrafts, Kolhapur city presents a remarkable fusion of former age heritage and contemporary allure. To the core of the […]

Hotels In Kolhapur You Must Know About

Kolhapur is renowned for its rich cultural heritage, historical significance, and delectable cuisine.  Famous for its intricately designed Kolhapuri chappals and delectable spicy cuisine, Kolhapur offers visitors a glimpse into traditional Maharashtrian culture. On the other hand, Mumbai, the bustling capital city of Maharashtra, is a melting pot of cultures, offering a dynamic blend of […]