Best 5 Star Hotels In Bangalore

Beautiful Bangalore, the web of modernity and tradition, is the Garden City of India which wins the soul by its graceful blend of the two.

Nestled in the center of Karnataka, this vibrant city is a yellow web, blue web, green web of colors, aromas, and smiles.

While the sun rises it dazzles city views with golden rays, brightening iconic monuments that mark the past glories of the city.

Streets thriving with sounds and colors, decorated with aromas of food peddlers offering mouthwatering treats and petals of flowers, enthralling a harmony of senses.

From the vibrant parks to the rich gardens that provide calm interiors even in the midst of the chaotic city life, visitors are presented with spaces where they can withdraw and calm their minds.

The agile temperament of Bangalore is captured indeed in its busy IT zones full of innovation and entrepreneurship where new stuff is invented almost daily thus the city is regarded as a ‘Silicon Valley’ of India.

However, despite a constant momentum of technological improvements, the monuments of the good-old-times remain bright in ancient temples and palaces, resembling a fairy tale.

The fragrance of filter coffee freshly brewed drifts into the air and coaxes residents as well as visitors from far and near to try the city’s well-wanted drink.

The city of Bangalore does a total metamorphosis in the afternoons with the night life developed into the heartbeat of the metropolis with fashionable bars, stylish cafés and jovial street performances energetic atmosphere filling the city

The city’s foodies are gifted with a melody of tastes from traditional to spicy street food such as chaat, and bewitching international food.

One can enjoy local food of South India and international cuisines through buffets or a la carte menu.

Though Vidhana Soudha is an enchanting one, lalbagh botanical garden or the garden of flowers is another heritage of the city and forms an intrinsic part of the architectural grandeur of the city.

However, the city’s inner power’s main ingredient is silently hidden in its residents.

Warm, welcoming and diverse, they are just the symbols of unity in diversity becoming a celebration of diversity.

Thus, Bangalore is not only a city but a place where hearts join, and dreams are soaring high together.

In addition to all this, it also offers a variety of accommodation options, let’s take a look at The 15 Best 5 Star Hotels in Bangalore 2024.

Ramee Guestline Hotel Bangalore

At our Attibele Airlines Hotel awaits the luxurious, spacious and a comfortable stay, each room being elegantly decorated to provide relaxation & comfort.

For those who like to savor, we have an incredible pool that will blow your mind, the latest in fitness facilities, and a relaxed spa experience.

At our resort, you can get whatever you want, from the retreat places of the city to Bangalore’s Silicon Valley, that is Electronics City.

The five event spaces at our charming Cafe provide the perfect setting for celebrations, meetings, and events.

In addition, the resort presents magnificent recreation gear such as a gaming arcade, an entertainment center, and stunning cuisine offering a variety of tastes.

Address:- Plot No.1 and 2,KIADB Industrial Area Attibele Bangalore, Bengaluru 562107 India

Price:- INR 3,500/ Night

Website:- Ramee Guestline.

The Leela Bhartiya City Bengaluru

The Leela Bhartiya City Bengaluru, which is catering to an enormous clientele population, is a luxury retreat set within Bengaluru’s pulsating metropolitan lineament.

Placed in the midst and surrounded by a lush environment and calm lakes the nature park provides a doorway into a tranquil getaway from the stresses of busy life.

The architecture fuses the glorious craft of the past with modern luxury, thus presenting an oasis of wealth and taste.

The Leela lives up to its name when every inch of its hotel is an astonishing showcase of unparalleled opulence, starting from the grandiose lobby which brings out the awes with its meticulous artwork to the sumptuous suites and rooms that take reclusiveness to the next level.

The leisure trip at The Leela includes discovering the best flavors from around the world, which are mastered by expert chefs prepared under culinary arts.

Due to extensive spa and wellness space, Rise will come up as a haven for regeneration and abiding, with a collection of therapy and treatments that draw inspiration from Pharmaceutical Indian healing traditions.

Whatever it be–a lazy side-by-the-shimmering-poolside or an enlightening exploration of the city’s cultural jewels with our tailor-made guided tours, The Leela masters the art of perfection in every second of your stay, guaranteeing a memory which will last forever.

They are very attentive and mindful of all customers’ needs.

Moreover, they make sure to treat every guest like a god, which means according to the Hindu saying of “Atithi Devo Bhava” wherein a guest is also a god.

The Leela Bhartiya City Bengaluru, without any doubt, is the heaven for those who demand luxury.

Therefore, it is my pleasure to suggest it as the top-most option for the people who love living almost like kings or queens, who are looking for extra-ordinary getaway in the heart of Bengaluru.

Address:- 6/2, Thanisandra Main Road, Bengaluru 560064 India

Price:- INR 14,000/ Night

Website:- The Leela.

Taj West End

Providing a peaceful sanctuary from the din and commotion of the metropolis, Taj West End Bengaluru is securely situated amidst lush vegetation and an inviting surrounding.

It is a sight to behold with its colonial-era architecture which combines the timeless elegance and refinement of past eras like no other.

It welcomes guests into a world of subtle sophistication and old-world charm which exudes a sense of class and tradition as nothing else.

The hotel is considered as a vital landmark the underline are synonymous with class and luxury since the establishment of the premise.

It has been the abode of various dignitaries, celebrities, and distinguished travelers who come from all over the globe .

The area of the hotel is huge, with extensive greenery and remarkable landscapes, living people away from the bustling city, and having the possibility for walks through the grass field, the trees and on the crooked paths, offers a quiet and meditative time.

Behind its doors, guests are received with sumptuous interiors filled with masterpieces of art, plush and elaborate finishes, and rich ornamentation.

In this atmosphere of understated grandeur, the genuine mood of this venue becomes evident.

But at Taj West End Bengaluru, guests will be able to taste different dishes made with mastered skills at its popular restaurants and exotic flavors of the world, although local dishes are being considered seriously for their cuisines to look forward to.

The attractive atmosphere consists of absolutely luxurious rooms and other comfort amenities including any modern access almost to guarantee a paradise feeling.

Bathe in the window of opportunity to swim in the garden-fenced pool, get relaxed among the ambience of the spa, and gulp in every treated experience that the hotel has to offer!

Every day at Taj West End Bangalore will be time for you to just unwind and relax.

From the hotel’s furnishings and decor to the conscientious care and intricate preparation, everything about the hotel is a manifestation of Taj service which is known across the globe.

These attributes have made it a hotel of choice to individuals looking to experience a fantastic stay in Bengaluru.

Address:- Race Course Road High Grounds, Bengaluru 560001 India

Price:- INR 15,000/ Night

Website:- The Taj.

The Leela Palace Bengaluru

A premier destination for visitors from within the country and internationally, The Leela Palace, which is located amidst the green abundance of Bangalore, serves as the symbol of elegance and luxury.

Get prepared to be enwrapped into the unparalleled majesty of its Rajasthani-style architecture and the elegant, smooth marble flooring of the foyer of which you step.

The palaces glow with the stately air of splendor and their domed roofs, the chandeliers and the masterpieces adorning every corner are proof of this.

The luxurious rooms and pool suits provide a blissful hideaway of wellness and indulgence, which range from open vista maximization of the city skyline to the quiet garden views.

Enjoy self-indulging with personalized service accompanied with first class amenities.

guaranteeing that each whim you desire is anticipated and well catered for with an extra nudge of perfection.

Engage your taste buds and take yourself on a culinary adventure in the hotel’s celebrated venues that will fill in your palate with a variety of masterpiece cuisines created by mighty chefs.

Take a plunge into serene at the quiet spa where you can enjoy both classic Ayurvedic and modern therapies as one will forget all their worries and stress for a while only to rejuvenate the senses with new found peace and wellness.

The Leela Palace, Bengaluru, though just a hotel, it is a destination by itself.

Here every moment has something so luxurious, elegant and best hospitality.

Address:- 23 The Leela Palace Bengaluru Hal Old Airport Road HAL 2nd Stage, Bengaluru 560008 India

Price:- INR 21,000/ Night

Website:- The Leela.

The Chancery Pavilion

Located in the city center of Bangalore, The Chancery Pavilion becomes a unique symbol of elegance and hospitality that brings the city’s cosmopolitan nature to the forefront.

Upon entering the place of this structure with its clean, modern building and elegant rooms you will feel the stirring magic of grandiose and greatness from the very beginning.

The Chancery Pavilion surrounded by luxury and providing a pilgrim who is very choosy with the best of services, assures comfort and pamper of its guests.

It is arranged to satisfy the sophisticated palates of clientele at its famous restaurants and indulge them with spa treatments and ultra contemporary gym and fitness center among others, which are to cater to the exact desire and need with top-notch service.

Whether you are there for business or pleasure, the Pavilion Chancery will assist in creating an inspiring atmosphere where you will make everlasting experiences.

Its location in the central part of the city provides the guests with a place that is not far from the business hubs, cultural centers and happening night spots thereby providing them a pillar to rest while exploring the many attractions of Bangalore.

Having these specially catered suites, the hotels provide guests with the ambience of calm and relaxation, far enough from the uproar of the city’s environment.

The Chancery Pavilion Bengaluru maintains its crusade of unfailing high standards and glorious history of hospitality, offering world- class lodging in and out of the Garden City.

Hence resorting every visitor to an experience of pure excellence.

Address:- 135 Residency Road Opposite Bangalore Club, Bengaluru 560025 India

Price:- INR 5,000/ Night

Website:- The Chancery Pavilion.

Grand Mercure Bengaluru at Gopalan Mall

With infinity pool, high-class amenities and elegant decoration just next to Gopalan Mall in the bustling heart of Bangalore, stands the magnificent Grand Mercure Bengaluru The designer hotel is the perfect place and combines Asian-style and western-style with homely, Indian hospitality, offering guests a retreat from the hectic city.

The hotel’s modern design & architecture invites you to a special place where you can feel like home, likewise the minutiae like furniture and color turn out to be of highest quality and everything is perfectly done.

Walk into the lobby and immediately you have this feeling that you are in for a relaxing and calming time that you won’t want to leave.

The chic decor and soothing ambiance set the tone for your stay here.

And double that pleasure: every room or suite is a temple of luxury with all the equipment you may need, the finest design and, of course, panoramic views of the city.

At Grand Mercure Bengaluru, the culinary voyage is filled with gastronomic delights from various corners of the world—ranging from our diverse cuisines selection in our restaurants to signature and copyrighted drinks specially crafted in our bars.

Regardless if you recharge from a jimmie move in the rooftop pool or from a spa experience, the hotel will offer you the possibility to relax and rejuvenate.

With Gopalan, the Mall gives a great chance to shop and have fun or else explore the historical sports in town.

Being it a business or pleasure trip, Grand Mercure Bengaluru offers a whole and complete combination of comfort, convenience and sophistication so you can be assured of the best time of your life in Bengaluru.

Address:- Swamy Vivekananda Road Old Madras Rd, Opposite RMZ Infinity Tech Park, Rahat Bagh, Nagavarapalya, Bennigana Halli, Bengaluru 560093 India

Price:- INR 8,000/ Night

Website:- Grand mercure.

The Waverly Hotel & Residences

Located centrally in the Whitefield area of Bangalore, which resonates with class and style, comes The Waverly Hotel & Residences gracefully.

Blessed by modern architecture and high living standard, it is perfect for those who prefer to enjoy a haven of comfort and treat themselves to the finer things in life.

From the elegant and well-thought-out rooms and suites to the latest and the best of the facilities such as a charming rooftop-infinity pool and scrumptious dining options, all the elements of The Waverly were perfectly planned to create a sky-high guest experience.

Be it a casual meeting in the plush boardroom, a romantic dinner at the fine dining restaurant, or a relaxing balsam in the lush spa, Waverly Hotel & Residences has all luxury satisfying options available in vibrant Bangalore.

Address:- Whitefield Main Road, Bengaluru 560048 India

Price:- INR 7,000/ Night

Website:- The Waverly.

The Oberoi, Bengaluru

The Oberoi, Bengaluru, is situated in the central part of the city’s commercial center, among the famous financial institutions, offices, and hotels.

The magnificence of its decorated architecture and exquisite service is a perfect setting for a high-end world of unrivaled comfort and luxury.

Making them livable places, the rooms and the suits designed very carefully, adorned with all the modern facilities and panoramic views, an interesting and memorable stay would always be there in the guest memories.

The hotel’s edibles captivate our tongue sweetly with a great variety of tastes from the well-known traditional Indian culinary art to diverse global cuisines made of the high mastery by chef.

Address:- 37 – 39 Mahatma Gandhi Road, Bengaluru 560001 India

Price:- INR 13,000/ Night

Website:- The Oberoi.


Sheraton Grand Bengaluru Whitefield Hotel & Convention Center

From its residence in the boisterous Whitefield area of Bengaluru, Sheraton Grand Bengaluru Whitefield Hotel & Convention Center is as bold as a demeanor of sophistication as well as luxury.

Not only is this place.

little art deco, but also it combines modern design and luxury in harmony to the great pleasure of those travelers who are craving for sophistication.

Nowadays, with spacious rooms and suites embellished with modern facilities, authentic culinary cultures from around the globe to give our guests their ideal blend of both business and pleasure, Sheraton Grand Bengaluru stands out.

Perfect hospitality and fine-tuning guarantee that every guest gets the most of their time spent at this hotel: lavish comfort, and pampering.

Address:- Prestige Shantiniketan Hoodi, Whitefield, Bengaluru 560048 India

Price:- INR 21,000/ Night

Website:- Marriott.

Vivanta Bengaluru, Whitefield

Whitefield boasts its very own embodiment of splendor and finesse in the form of Vivanta Bengaluru, which stands tall and outshines the teeming tech hub of Whitefield.

Set in a quiet location consisting of dense vegetation and modern buildings, this five-star hotel has clean lines of modern design and traditional style, boosting the creation of a unique atmosphere.

From the properly furnished rooms and suites to the mouth watering dining experience and reviving spa is a matter of pride of Vivanta Bengaluru as to its luxurious lifestyle and unparalleled services that it tries to provide in every aspect.

Guests are let on a path of excess as we cater to your needs and fantasies that will make you feel like you are living in a dreamland.

Address:- International Tech Park, Whitefield, Bengaluru 560066 India

Price:- INR 9,000/ Night

Website:- Vivanta Hotels.

Palm Meadows Resort

The Palm Meadows Resort perches on the banks of a renowned river on the outskirts of Bangalore.

This resort provides a quiet and luxurious escape from the bustling city treat.

Engaging in the joy of strolling around the vast gardens and transparent waters, this resort provides a serene haven from the noise and chaos of metropolitan life.

By its dignified design, exceptional comforts, and welcoming atmosphere, the Palm Meadows Resort will offer a unique vacation that goes beyond relaxation and into a grand escape of indulgence and relief, with each moment a refreshing experience.

Guests are being spoiled with the luxury of the poolside lounging, gourmet dining, and exciting outing in the beautiful surrounding countryside.

This feels like home and you are home indeed.

Address:- Varthur Road Ramagondana Halli, Phase 1, White Field, Bengaluru 560066 India

Price:- INR 6,000/ Night.

Website:- Palm Meadows.

Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway

Designed with ample space to move and breathe, Sheraton Grand Hotel is the mixture of luxury and style in the very center of the bustling Brigade Gateway.

With this amazing modern architecture, luxury interiors and comfortable setting, even in the busy city, it is a place worth relaxing and staying to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere wholeheartedly.

Sample the diverse cuisine at the comfortable restaurants, get spoiled with luxury at the highest class hotel rooms, and rekindle your senses at the calm spa.

Guests can choose from our business facilities or come to spend quality time in our first-class hospitality for an experience they will want to remember.

Address:- 26 / 1, Dr. Rajkumar Road Rajajinagar-Malleswaram, Bengaluru 560055 India

Price:- INR 14,000/ Night

Website:- Sheraton.

Conrad Bengaluru

Conrad Bengaluru, the confines of the cosmopolitan hub, is a soothing oasis that is molded from the contemporaneity of modern elegance with the natural essence of time-less charm.

Visually standing out and embodying a snap of refined grandeur, the hotel’s polished design and slender shape are compelling.

The impact of the beautiful and posh lit lobby is felt from the moment you come in.

The lobby welcomes guests with stunning pieces of art and green decor that give you a feeling of luxury and serenity.

Whether it be the superior comfort of the building, the superb cuisine or the top- notch service, Conrad Bengaluru makes it a priority to offer your stay a memorable experience.

Address:- 25 3, Kensington Road The Hotel Is In Close Proximity To Mg Road, Indira Nagar, Embassy Golflinks Business Park, C.v Raman Nagar, Old Madras Road, And Manyata Tech Park., Bengaluru 560008 India

Price:- INR 17,000/ Night.

Website:- Hilton Conrad.