5 Star Hotels in Kolhapur

The Green City lies in the state of Maharashtra in the western part of India.

The culture, traditions and history of the city are preserved over many generations.

Lacunar temple, victorious palaces, tasteful cuisine, and elegant handicrafts, Kolhapur city presents a remarkable fusion of former age heritage and contemporary allure.

To the core of the city we have the great Mahalaxmi Temple, devoted to the Hindu Goddess, Mahalaxmi, which not only attracts the near and the afar, during its rituals and festivals, perfectly so rendered by its sacred and lively ambiance.

Stands the New Palace, majestic contrary to the temple, an amazing structure of a mix of Indo- Saracenic and European architectural styles.

Kolhapur’s culinary scene is a joy for the senses – the area’s signature super kick Misal and Tambada Rassa, impassioned with spices and exuberant flavors, eagerly awaits the tourists.

The lively outlets including Mahadwar Road and Shivaji Market fill up with customers who are in the shopping mood, a vast selection of handicrafts and modern gadgets which can be found.

Kolhapur has an art and craft tradition that is alive and well, and which manifests in the famous Kolhapuri Chappals and the detailed leather goods where you can see the fine art of the artisans of the city.

Nature Lovers of Kolhapur will experience peacefulness in the midst of surrounding forests and beautiful horizon which are seen from Rankala Lake and the panoramic location of Panhala fort, away from the fast life of the city.

This city is the source of a dynamic folk dance culture comprising a variety of dances like Lavani and Tamasha, which presents and calls attention to the richness and brightness of our cultural heritage.

5 star hotels Kolhapur offers you the best there is.

Albeit the city of Kolhapur boasts of tradition, delicious cuisines, artistic creations, and natural wonder alongside a lot of other enthralling attractions that make up-traveling-to-Kolhapur-a-cultural-treat for tourists looking to be up-to-date with the multifaceted culture of the region.

Let’s have a look at luxury hotels in Kolhapur.

Ramee Panchshil Hotel In Kolhapur

In the middle of Kolhapur, There is Ramee Panchshil Hotel, a place that welcomes you with the combination of fresh comfort and old civilization warmth.

The easily-reachable location of the hotel expands the comfort of its guests and grants them an opportunity to explore the city’s major attractions, like Mahalaxmi Temple and New Palace.

Step over to the chic lobby as a person of authority hands the opportunity to experience rest and euphoria in a quite superb fashion.

Our own room and suite have been carefully created to ensure a luxury hideaway, where all the necessary comforts and stylish furnishings await the guests.

Guests can choose from different kinds of restaurants like local or national foods at the hotel that are bound to leave them with the urge to come back again.

Suiting relaxation needs, the hotel caught up with a variety of recreational facilities including a swimming pool and a well-designed fitness center.

Ramee Panchshil hotel works well with business travelers in terms of their meeting and conference facilities which are of the highest standards to help in hosting corporate events and gatherings brilliantly.

The Ramee Panchshil Hotel in Kolhapur with a combination of latest facilities, wonderful customer service and easy accessibility, makes the travelers feel at home and vouchsafes for an enjoyable stay in the city.

Address:- 517, A/2, Shivaji Park, Kolhapur, Maharashtra 416001

Price:- INR 3,500/ Night

Website:- Ramee Panchshil.

Veeksar The Fern Kolhapur

The unique touch of a beautiful architectural structure of Kolhapur, Veeksar The Fern is a luxurious accommodation filled with a delightful mix of contemporary facilities and traditional vibe.

Sleek and modern architecture and interior design specialists of the hotel are the calling card of the hotel.

It reflects the style and atmosphere of dignified and comfortable relaxation.

Rooms and suites are no exception to this by including high-end fixtures, modern facilities as well as charming ornaments to enhance and heighten their visitors’ experience.

The restaurant guests could experience a gastronomic tour which was cooked up by proficient chefs with unique recipes of cuisines from around the world and from local regions.

Hotel’s spa in a serene environment provides guests an opportunity to relieve the work stress with a variety of therapeutic treatments and wellness rituals.

This luxury hotel features the finest amenities and personalized services to provide a seamless experience whether for a leisure trip or a business venture.

It is so convenient, because we are at the doorstep of the city and can access major attractions, including the Mahalaxmi Temple and New Palace, which exhibit Kolhapur’s great culture.

Clients can also just spend the day out in the city and chill out by the pool or pick their favorite cocktail at the bar, finishing off their day with the tranquil serene.

Whether it be a couple of romantic people, a family vacation, or an eventful business trip, The Fern Veksar will not disappoint in an experience of lifetime at the heart of Kolhapur.

From its beautiful Interior to the high-level service to serve you in the most comfortable way, this hotel is an ideal spot for the demanding travelers who are looking for something special.

Address:- C.S. No. 462 B/23, opp. Shahu Market Yard, E Ward, Kolhapur, Maharashtra 416003

Price:- INR 4,000/ Night

Website:- Veeksar the fern.

Walstars Castle View Grand Resort

Sitting beautifully in the majestic heart of Kolhapur, Walstars Castle View Grand Resort invites every traveler for an overwhelming experience of splendor and natural beauty.

Accommodating a verdant hilltop is the rightful place that the resort can boast of the Sahyadri mountain range as possible attractions providing visitors an endless serenity of nature through the eyes.

Hosting includes heritage crafted bedrooms to impressively sized villas, every detail boarding on luxury and comfort.

The guests can access unlimited leisure activities even going further by having a nice nap at the infinity pool, bathing at the wellness spa or go on walks in the scenic nature.

Inspiring Experiences: Thrilling water sports, relaxing spa activities, exciting wildlife watching.

enlivening culinary delights at the resort restaurants, where the authentic local tastes with international cuisines is so great that it makes one’s mouth watery.

Featuring several flexible-sized rooms, a stylish décor and qualified personnel, Walstars Castle View Grand Resort serves as a perfect choice for wedding ceremonies, business gatherings as well as other celebrations.

Regardless of work or travel, individuals require refocusing, fresh air, or anything that is not an everyday affair.

This resort will convert into an enchanting dream for all its visitors.

Address:- 200/B/2/A, Near Waghbil Chowk, Panhala Rd, Panhala, Maharashtra 416201

Price:- INR 1000/ Night

Website:- Walstars.

Sayaji Kolhapur

Sayaji Hotel, Kolhapur is an internationally recognised premium hotel firmly based in the center of the city of Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India.

Holding onto the essence of boomerang and presenting a gorgeous fusion of classic Indian hospitality with modern luxuries, it packages all in one.

The hotel is endowed with luxurious and spacious artistically designed rooms and suites, each of them outclassing its peers in its aura of grandeur and luxury.

Guys can taste food items from multiple dining choices available at the hotel, which can range from traditional Indian food to international delicacies, which are prepared by seasoned chefs and give nothing but a satisfying pleasure.

Relaxing and rejuvenating services are the calls of the day; Sayaji Kolhapur offers numerous outlets for this like a swimming pool, spa, and a fitness center.

One of the primal reasons for our popularity in the university travels is our location that is close to the famous sites like the Mahalaxmi Temple and also the New Palace, and this makes it a perfect place for both business and leisure travelers.

Whether we commend the service and attention, alternatively, to our guests, Sayaji Hotel, Kolhapur, ensures every guest experiences a wonderful stay.

It is not only a destination for all who want to spend a vacation but also a hospitable getaway both for a romantic couple and for a corporate meeting.

In sum, this star hotel is a synonym of luxury and hospitality in the city of Kolhapur.

Address:- 2104/15, E Ward, Old Pune-Bangalore Hwy, Kawala Naka, Shahupuri, Kolhapur, Maharashtra 416005

Price:- INR 6,500/ Night

Website:- Sayaji Kolhapur.

Hotel Blooming Soul

Hotel Blooming Soul is an oasis of tranquility standing triangle in the middle of the crowded city, its beautiful architectural appearance asking tired tourists to stop by and rest on the promises of relaxation and comfort.

Sitting in the blooming urban area and partly asymmetric elegance and traditional beauty, this boutique hotel is a perfect example of fusion of luxury and time-tested values facilities.

Starting with the lobby filled with numerous falling flowers and elegance so obvious that one cannot stop feeling special and warm, guests enter into a space of class and comfort.

The rooms and suites are incredibly pampering; these luxurious spaces are filled with luscious cushions, gracious linens, and the latest amenities to make sure that each guest’s dream is fulfilled brilliantly.

Our Hotel Blooming Soul guides diners’ senses through a gastronomic voyage and generous menus by adding both locally sourced and global flavors.

Be it a multicourse meal at the premium restaurant or getting enthralled by the signature cocktail made at the rooftop bar which overlooks the city’s skyline, these are the instances that you have turned the moments into perfect celebrations of highly tasteful atmosphere.

Guests enjoy the opulent lodging with delicious food and beverages along with exclusive hotel services like personalized concierge and spa for their wellbeing, therefore offering a truly memorable and elegant stay to the smart guests.

Hotel Blooming Soul stands for the art of hospitality, where each element of the amenity is perfectly set in order to create a separate and integral day that remains in the minds and spirits of its visitors even after they leave.

Address:- Phulewadi Rd Near Rankala Lake, Manohar Shrushti, Pahila Stop, Kolhapur 416010 India

Price:- INR 2,500/ Night

Website:- Blooming soul.

Hotel Classic Midtown

Hotel Classic Midtown, which is located in the urban downtown is a manifestation of a timeless classiness and elegance that cry for life and stand with a pure taste of sophistication.

The hotel’s superb architectural design which is its hallmark instantly beseeches visitors into a lavish lifestyle and convenience.

While the entrance is simply decorated with exclusive chandeliers and luxurious furniture, it makes for an exceptional and unforgettable experience. With every room and suite, we carefully undertake the mix of the luxuries of modernity and the timeless beauty of the past.

The hotel provides an exquisite dining experience for guests to enjoy the restaurant’s signature recipes, all carefully prepared with ingredients locally found.

However relaxation could not be missed with the spa which provides you with multiple rejuvenating remedies and therapies.

Because of its qualitative, up-to-date lodging consisting of meeting and conference spaces, Hotel Classic Midtown is also known as the top destination for business travelers.

The most important thing that separates this noble hotel from others is the incomparable service and attention to details that they invest and uphold.

Address:- 1837 ‘a’ Ward Kh/1, Kolhapur 416012 India

Price:- INR 2000/ Night

Website:- The Classic Midtown.

Regenta Place Raysons, Kolhapur

Regenta Place Raysons in Kolhapur, Maharashtra state, is a sophisticated cocoon which exudes a sense of refinement and grace.

Hotel decor has modern amenities decorating every room so the guests are having the best experience.

Being just opposite the “Kirti Sagar Lake” – the largest artificial man-made lake in Asia, strategically located Regenta Place Raysons can be reached easily by major attractions in Kolhapur.

As for both pleasure and business tourists, this makes it a perfect option hotel.

The hotel is also daily enjoying a lucrative reputation of having an exquisite, modern and classy restaurant and bar that serves a delectable array of local and international cuisines crafted by trained and professional chefs.

Tourists can break away from the demands of the city at the hotel’s spa, affecting relaxation as well as rejuvenation therapies.

In addition to that, Regenta Place Raysons accommodate corporate events and recreational unions by providing its fully services meeting and banqueting rooms.

The responsive staff officials make a special effort to offer personalized service of which they ensure that each guest gets all the attention and care he or she desires.

In totality, Regenta Place Raysons is a place which is likely to encourage its guests to come back and become loyal, as it will provide them a classy and indulging experience, making it a favorite spot for its guests.

Address:- 204 E Near S T Stand New Shahupuri, Kolhapur 416001 India

Price:- INR 5,500/ Night

Website:- Regenta Place.

Hotel Aashish Deluxe Pet Friendly

Hotel Aashish Deluxe Pet Friendly located in Kolhapur opens its arms and tails, wagging away, to travelers and their pets, providing a comfortable and unforgettable stay to both pitiful humans and their furry friends.

Located in the very central area of Kolhapur is the boutique hotel that offers not only quiet and aesthetically nice places to stay but also addresses the needs of pet owners, which is very important in this case because everyone wants to bring home new and memorable experiences from their travels.

Ranging from snugly dog beds and customized menus to every minute detail being attended to for cats in general, all efforts in such hotels are directed towards providing a warm home to the pets.

The Hotel Staff, known for raising the level of customer service, will never stop at the first step, even obediently providing the services they need to their guests and their four-Legged companions above and beyond more ordinary services.

People who can’t go anywhere without their beloved pets can breathe a huge sigh of relief with Hotel Aashish Deluxe Pet Friendly that has lots of pet amenities like dog walking areas and grooming services thereby aiming at making a great “pawsome” place for pet lovers looking for a hassle free vacation.

The hotel will also feature human-friendly facilities including a rooftop restaurant serving fine and delicious culinary cuisines of the local and a well-equipped fitness center.

Pet lovers can both enjoy local landmarks, or stay in the cozy atmosphere of the hotel and just have a comfortable time with their dear pets at Hotel Aashish Deluxe, the pet friendly hotel where every wave of the tail is seen with happiness and familiarity.

Address:- Benadikar Path Near Central Bus Stand, Kolhapur 416001 India

Price:- INR 1,500/ Night

Website:- Aashish Deluxe.


The luxurious Ramee Panchshil and Sayaji Hotel at Kolhapur are best known for good rooms, perfect services and suitable locations.

The hotels both exhibit to you the diversity of choices as they both offer a variety of amenities, including fine dining options, spa facilities, and modern conveniences, to ensure that guests who come to the lively city will still find their stay comfortable and memorable

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