Kolhapur Best Hotels – Couple Friendly

The city of Kolhapur lies in the state of Maharashtra to the western part of India.

Here, one can soak in the rich culture and history of times gone by.

Kolhapur is a hub for heritage and is compared to “City of Palaces” because of its aesthetic splendid water structures.

Astonishingly, the exquisite Palazzo Espagnol, with immaculate carved façade and splendid gardens to boot, is a sign of the city’s great dynastic past!

Tradition is a strong part of the cultural pattern of Kolhapur.

Festival hallmarks are the glory of Kolhapur.

Lavani and musical forms such as Tamasha are other colorful part of the cultural complex of Kolhapur.

The celebrated Mahalaxmi Temple temple where the goddess of wealth is worshiped makes it popular is an amalgamation of Hindu and Islamic architectural styles which attract pilgrims and devotees from around the world.

The city’s food culture is a gourmet wonder , its tastes buds are tickled every time it discovers the famous Misal, the spicy Tambada Rassa and the delectable Kolhapuri Mithai delicacies.

Kolhapur embraces the peaceful Sahyadri mountain ranges while its spectacular natural beauty consisting of dense green forests and soaring waterfalls is soothing for both the eyes and the soul The Rankala Lake, a tranquil water body emerging amidst natural beauty to provide a perfect escape resort to the locals and visitors.

Kolhapur, as a city, is just high on activity in the local market with a number of money spinning shops selling handicrafts, traditional textiles, and articles of traditional jewellery of Kolhapuri.

The legacy of a bustling metropolis is apparent in its museums, where visitors can immerse themselves in narratives of ancient pasts, and pursue the study of time-honored traditions for the generations to come.

Along with Kolhapur’s cultural legacy, it is the warmth and hospitality of the people who make it as well known.

As such, there is none in Kolhpaur who are not friendly and welcoming to all those lucky enough to come around.

So are there any couple friendly hotels in the city of palaces?

The answer is Yes, here’s a list of couple friendly hotels in Kolhapur.

Ramee Panchshil Hotel In Kolhapur

The Ramee Panchshil Hotel in Kolhapur is a true paradise for intimate couples who want to spend a romantic vacation in the society and are surrounded by the city’s glamor.

Situated in the center of Kolhapur, this hotel gives the couples a couple of roomy and charming rooms or suites, to enjoy the romantic and intimate in-them atmosphere.

The keys to the romantic getaway in the elegant hotel with contemporary decor and its various facilities lie in the stylish ambiance and thorough décor which are meant to delight the sense of the guests with each detail carefully designed to enhance the romantic experience.

Two of a kind could prefer various services such as in-room dining where extremely tasty meals can be savored in the privacy of your personal apartment for a more intimate experience.

Being amidst the hotel’s serenity again is the perfect setting for loving moments to be made with the walk through the garden to relax or simply enjoy the surroundings by the pool.

Those seeking some peaceful break / otherwise term as relaxation and rejuvenation we have something for them in our hotel.

Spa treatments for couples is one of them, pamper yourself with luxurious treatments and massages.

To add, the hotel’s concierge is willing to help the couples to organize sightseeing and excursions so as to strike out to the city’s places of interest.

Ramee Panchshil Hotel Kolhapur is tuned in to attuning the couples for feeling comfortable and getting total attention needed.

The professional staff serves well with heightened sense of awareness and attention to customized needs of every couple.

The hotel promotes itself as the refuge for honeymooning couples, offering the combination of opulence, privacy and exceptional hospitality.

It is therefore the perfect place for the starry eyed newly weds to celebrate their love and create memories that they will treasure forever.

Address:- 517, A/2, Shivaji Park, Kolhapur, Maharashtra 416001

Price:- INR 3,500/ Night

Website:- Ramee group.



To a couple who is looking for a leisurely journey, the Hotel Kohinoor Square in Kolhapur is indeed one of the most welcoming destinations.

Sat on the center of the city, location of it won’t be a concern and it can be close to Kolhapur famous temples such as the magnificent Mahalaxmi Temple and New Palace.

The hotel of our taste is just like the environment for a romantic stay, with the up-to-date and attractive interior matched with the accommodation which is created for relaxation and intimacy.

Pairs of travelers will benefit from a number of facilities such as smart, spacious rooms that have high-end features and cozy accessories with the aim of making a peaceful haven for couples who have come back from touring around the city.

The hotel provides personalized service by the caring and sensitive team of staff who meet the needs and wants of the guests enhancing the feeling of care and appreciation for couples all through their stay.

When looking to satisfy their culinary appetites the hotel Kohinoor square is an ideal option with a wide range of tasteful plates from exotic dishes and well loved international fares all brought together and served in a quaint Romantic setting.

In addition, the hotel offers facilities including a rooftop pool, a perfect place for the couples to get relaxation and witness magical vistas of the city skyline.

Privacy and discretion are incredibly important at Hotel Kohinoor Square, which is only a remarkable choice for romantic couples seeking rare occasions.

Relaxation of the hotel’s staff after maintaining its reputation among all guests and couples in a lovely range makes it a location appealing to couples to Kolhapur.

Side by side is it necessary to walk in nearby outlets or to be observed while having a romantic dinner, the Hotel Kohinoor Square is the best choice, with that dream setting.

Address:- Dabholkar Corner, New Shahupuri, Kolhapur, Maharashtra 416003

Price:- INR 2,000/ Night

Website:- Kohinoor Hotels.

Hotel Darshan

Hotel Darshan Kolhapur, which is precisely placed in the bustling heart of the city, ensures the ideal mix of ease and luxury for two lovebirds who look for a distinctive vacation in their life.

An advantage which its location provides is that it enables travelers to reach Kolhapur’s top landmarks without a fuss, including the Temple of Mahalaxmi and the busy markets.

The hotel is all about 7-star comfort as the rooms are thoughtfully designed to suit a modern taste and enjoy a cool and romantic feel for lovers.

Hotel Darshan boasts of its topnotch customer service that allows couples to feel extremely looked after and well cared for all through their stay; personnel ensure it is fulfilling through observant and timely accommodation of needs.

Couple dining provided by the hotel is a perfect culinary experience with a range of delectable dishes, offered in a fantastic ambience, ideal for romantic dinners, all at a couple’s fingertips.

Sharing human experiences together can help strengthen a couple’s bond.

Traveling and experiencing new places is one of the best ways to do this.

By experiencing the sights, sounds, and culture of a new place together, a couple can develop a stronger connection and a deeper understanding of each other.

Privacy and discretion come first for couples when everything pictured is there for them, nothing interrupting and nothing troubled them.

The hotel provides a cozy nest where couples can create romance through a peaceful atmosphere and secluded cocoons to cherish every moment.

safety and security is a top priority (we take special measures) and welcome couples with that peace of mind which is so important for a memorable honeymoon.

Adare Hotel Kolhapur’s policies on couples and its warm accommodation makes it the most appropriate place for couples who are desiring a romantic getaway in this beautiful city.

Address:-  Assembly Rd, near Basant Bahar Talkies, Shahupuri, Kolhapur, Maharashtra 416003

Price:- INR 1,200/ Night

Website:- Darshan nivas.

Hotel Atria

Addressing the role of Hotel Atria in the context of Kolhapur, a paradise for world-class services which is a dream destination for couples who look forward to romantic escapades, it is a luxurious heaven that has been thoughtfully crafted to provide a haven near their home.

Being situated in the heart of the lively business district of the town gives the opportunity to partake of the favorable proximity to the nightlife scene, cultural gems, and shopping centers.

Hotel Atria uses couple-friendly facilities, which are furnished with generously sized and beautifully decorated rooms, by all means, aimed to enhance the comfort and provide privacy for their guests.

The choice of lovers to partake in numerous features of the amenities is also available.

This includes the rather quiet dining experience at the hotel’s great restaurants, where their culinary tastes remind one’s taste buds and the environment is cozy.

Along with a tranquil swimming pool and the fitness center which is equipped well, the hotel also has these features together which helps people to relax and have a blissful time.

The luxurious spa on-site provides many different treatments and massages which are just perfect for a relaxing and plenary time for the couples who want to forget about their daily hassles and enjoy moments of happiness together.

Being that at the Hotel Atria the staff is very focused on the individuals, they will be attending to the needs as well as any preferences that a couple has to ensure that their valentine-themed time at the hotel is unforgettable and romantic.

With its sleek and luxurious decoration and equipped with all modern-day facilities, Hotel Atria is primed to fulfill its promise of providing an experience that can be lived, remembered, and fond of in the minds of couples visiting Bangalore as honeymooners.

Address:- 204, STATION ROAD, E Ward, New Shahupuri, Kolhapur, Maharashtra 416001

Price:- INR 2,500/ Night

Website:- Atria.

The Royal Pavilion

The Royal Pavilion, situated in the picturesque land of an otherwise thriving hub of the city, is an excellent choice for couples searching for a haven of composure and love.

Settled exactly at the heart of fascinating nature and soothing ambience, it creates a perfect gentle mood for you and your owner’s ultimate pleasure.

The hotel exudes an air of regality through its classy architecture and glamorous interiors.

A night to remember, it is!

Couples hold exciting events like intimate dining with a view of the stars, couples’ couple’s massage and relaxing walk on the hotel`s majestically landscaped garden.

The Royal Pavilion features wide and furnished rooms.

This creates a warm and comfortable heart and soul for their rest.

They can relax and spend quality time as couples.

The hotel’s staff strive for attention and go the extra mile to ensure that the couples are offered some pleasures of the moon, being cared for by the gregarious and friendly staff who are eager to cater to the needs of the people.

Whether a couple is in for a dinner date by candlelight at one of the hotel’s gourmet restaurants or enjoying a cocktail in their balcony window while they make the most of the city’s skyline, the Royal Pavilion offers all this, with a relishing subtlety.

Address:- 392 E, Assembly Road, Near Basant-Bahar Theatre, Collector Office Rd, opp. Railway Station, Shahupuri, Kolhapur, Maharashtra 416001

Price:- INR 5,000/ Night

Website:- The Royal Pavilion.

Hotel Radiant

Hotel Radiant Kolhapur, positioned in the very center of the heritage town, is the right place for romantic couples, looking for a rest in the short or the long type.

Perched next to the major tourist areas like the Mahalaxmi Temple and the New Palace the guests can enjoy a blend of the city’s famed intangibles without hassles.

Adding the refinement and taste to the interiors of Hotel Radiant with the contemporary aesthetic, it becomes the optimum spot for the couples to finally wind down and make the most memorable moments.

A couple will discover charming amenities, such as spacious and atmosphere rooms furnished with modern pieces along with the most comfy beds.

To accommodate a partner who values relaxation and revitalization, a spa is presented with cutting edge facilities where he or she can enjoy a romantic massage and other services and therefore have a blissful time.

Hotel Radiant’s crew members also customize their services in a friendly and hospitable way such that every guest can enjoy a memorable stay every time.

The hotel’s dining choices will entice the taste buds with a flavourful and diverse cuisine collection ranging from traditional regional dishes to dishes from various parts of the world in a setting shrouded in peace and love.

If privacy and discretion are what you as a couple are looking for, Hotel Radiant Kolhapur will be the right accommodation option for you as they seek to provide you a perfect reclusive and romantic environment.

Having romantic walks hand in hand around the hotel’s vast gardens or indulging in candlelit dinner under the bright sky of the outdoors, Hotel Radiant offers every moment with the thrill of love and gems.

Address:-  204 kh 23/E ward, New Shahupuri, Station Road, Kolhapur, Maharashtra 416001

Price:- 2,600/ Night

Website:- Radiant.

Hotel Vishnupriya Grand

Hotel Vishnupriya Grand in Kolhapur is a perfect retirement village for couples with a long-cherished desire to spend a few days in a romantic retreat in summer amidst the city’s beauty and history.

The hotel is located in the center of Kolhapur and therefore one can use available public transport in order to reach the most interesting sightseeing destinations of the city, for example old Mahalaxmi temple and the markets.

The hotel emerging out as beautiful and modern makes couples experience relaxation and memories, and love to be together.

Apart from the roomy and luxe interiors the rooms perfect for couples in love offer all the modern features plus exquisite furniture.

Spa treatments, while being known to be the highly desired indulgence to many others, are actually the basic pleasures for the tired couples, as they can finally relax after a day of exploration and sightseeing.

One of the coziest places to unwind, relax and indulge in fine food and wine is the rooftop restaurant that overlooks the city and couples can enjoy the panoramic outlook beneath.

The staff of the hotel Vishnupriya Grand always pay great attention that couples receive not only the necessary service, but also friendliness and kindness from them, so they won’t leave until they are fully happy and thankful.

Le Touquet’s hotel promises utmost privacy and discretion, therefore, does not let couples interrupt their moments.

Set in a lively neighborhood, hotel Vishnupriya grand provides an option for romantic couples to deeply immerse themselves in the local culture and there are many shopping, dining and entertainment options near-by.

Hotel Vishnupriya Grand with its unique combination of facilities(convenient & comfort), romance and romance is therefore the good option(ideal choice) for couples who are looking for unforgettable & lifetime experience in Kolhapur during their vacations.

Address:- 204/KH/10/A, New Shahupuri,, Near Dr. Kiran Doshi Hospital,, Kolhapur, Maharashtra 416001

Price:- INR 1,500/ Night

Website:- Vishnupriya.


Kolhapur is well known due to several cultural aspects, but the most striking are the traditional dance and music forms like Lavani and Tamasha.

Mumbai gained a reputation for unmatchable indulgence which was characteristic of the spicy and well-seasoned local cuisine.

Besides such regional specialties, many bazaars serve Tanbadee Rassa and the city is at the heart of ornate Misal Pav.

Kolhapur is also famous for its ancient heritage, as many magnificent palaces like the Mahadaji Sawant Waman Gaikwad can be found nearby, together with various temples being there as well including the illustrious Mahalaxmi Temple dedicated to the goddess of abundance.

Apart from that Kolhapur is also renowned for its intricately designed leather sandals , locally known as Kolhapuri chappals which are famous across the globe due to their nonpareil endurance and contemporary style.

Kolhapur is ready with plenty of tourist points for its visitors to discover.

The Mahalaxmi Temple which is devoted to the Great goddesses of wealth is listed on account of fascinating structure as well as religious importance.

‘New Palace’ displaying a splendid blend of Indo-Saracenic and Renaissance styles gives a window to the city’s imperial past.

Moreover, people can get a sense of calmness while roaming in the surroundings of the Lake, or experience the rush of the city while taking boat rides or visiting the colorful markets that reflect Kolhapur’s culture and tradition.

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