The Best 5 Star Hotels In Tirupati

Tirupati, a place of devotion, is at the foot of the Seshachalam ranges, the Eastern Ghats in the south of India.

A place which accommodates the sacred temple of Sri Venkateswara and draws millions of believers every year in search of their blessings and peace, its inner life brings faith and tranquility to the visitors.

The temple’s towering gopurams with their meticulous carvings and candied colors are an incontestable proof of the centennials of dedication and mastery of architecture.

Additionally, the Tirupati offers its guests with its “magnificent” natural beauty, accompanied with the sparkling green and flowing creeks.

Nature can be viewed in the cosmos where you can take a pause to look within and recharge.

The bazaars that gyrate with rich textiles, odorsome spices, handmade souvenirs, that are made of colorful materials is the introduction of the city’s vibrant cultural heritage to visitors that are willing to dive deep with it.

And as soon as the sun settles down, the hymns of chants of the praises riddled with the leaves’ gentle rustle reassure every traveler that is immersed in Tirupati’s sacred streets of the fact that this town belongs to this person and will always be with him/her.

People who want to find tranquility, find personal growth or dive into an adventure or anyone who wants to merge with the very soul of India, are attracted by the open arms of Tirupati in pursuit of this goal propelled by this deep sensation.

Let’s have a look at the best 5 star hotels in Tirupati.

Ramee Guestline Hotel In Tirupati

Surrounded by Tirupati city, Ramee Guestline Hotel with all its amenities and facilities acts as a perfect and comfortable place for travelers who desire a deep and enlightening spiritual walk.

Its inviting exterior tempts guests by displaying promises of pleasant stays that are equipped with top-of-the-line facilities.

This is the most premiere Five star hotel Tirupati has to offer.

Come in and let your mind be transported to a place of serenity that extends to rooms and suites big enough to become your private haven, one that you can enjoy after a hectic day of adventure.

The moment you see the stunning lobby, your eyes gaze at the anxious pampering and peacefulness.

Indulge in various delicious dishes offered by the hotel’s classy restaurant, which serves a vast array of tastes from different parts of the world.

Take the stress relief by the poolside, the oasis, or relax and get your senses worked at the hotel’s wellness center with the holistic treatments on offer.

The Ramee Guestline Hotel sits in a prime position with the numerous facilities provided; it thus combines comfort with convenience for both pilgrims and pleasure travelers.

Whether you are looking to nourish the spiritual side of your soul or just a peaceful stay, this spectacular hotel will give you a chance to live the distinctive charm of Tirupati in luxury and comfort.

Address:- 14-37, Karakambadi Road, Akkarampalle, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh 517507

Price:- INR 2000/ Night

Website:- Ramee Guestline.

Marasa Sarovar Premiere

Located in the core of Tirupati, at the foot of the majestic hills, in the lap of nature, Marasa Sarovar Premiere Lost as a dew drop of elegance and seclusion.

The hotel’s sophisticated and defined architecture along with comfortable hospitality will encourage guests to be part of a world of luxurious indulgence of high standards.

Each room and suite is a comfort room with specific details that will turn it into a source of a holiday’s relaxation after a day of costly exploration.

As soon as you get in, you can feel the difference with attentive staff members taking care of the fine china and a posh, luxurious atmosphere.

Get ready to treat your senses to a feast for your receptors at the gourmet dining restaurant where international gastronomic delights are there for you.

Relax outdoor poolside with views of the green gardens, or restore the spotless within your body and mind at the spa.

This hotel which is just next to the holy sites of Tirupati and comes with modern amenities has pilgrims and leisure travelers as its target visitors expecting to give an unforgettable experience.

Managing to rejuvenate your spiritually exhausted soul or looking for a luxurious vacation, you will obtain an unforgettable experience in front of the great natural perfection of Tirupati.

Address:- Karakambadi Road Next to Grand World, Tirupati 517507 India

Price:- INR 4,000/ Night

Website:- Sarovar Hotels.

Fortune Select Grand Ridge

Situated in the midst of tranquil Tirupati city, Fortune Select Grand Ridge hotel is a destination worthy of luxury and hospitality.

Its contemporary architecture tenderly blends with the natural beauty of the surrounding hills, allowing the visitors to enjoy the treat nature soothingly away from noisy city life.

Walk into the hotel lobby, where first rate reception and immaculate service can be found and such begins the journey of a perfect experience.

The hotel’s rooms and suites are large, furnished in tasteful style, and equipped with all modern comforts, complementing the satisfying relaxation.

Satiate your appetite by dining at the hotel’s multicultural eating areas.

Here you will find the best culinary creations from everywhere all over the world.

It doesn’t matter whether eating the delicacy of Indian cuisine or relaxing by a poolside and drinking cocktails, the guests are simply experiencing the like.

That’s why our hotel offers a number of first class amenities such as a fitness area, swimming pool, and rejuvenating spas to meet the specific needs of our guests.

The renowned hotel, whether someone is there on a pilgrimage, leisure or business, promises a unique cozy.

But they all are sure to get a memorable stay at the backdrop of the enchanting Tirupati topography.

Address:- Tiruchanoor Road Urban Hut, 8-84, Shilparamam, Chennai Bangalore Highway, Tirupati 517501 India

Price:- INR 7,000/ Night

Website:- Fortune Select.


Pai Viceroy Hotel

Pai Viceroy, a hotel in Tirupati blends luxury and traditional culture of hospitality to offer upscale appeal within the central city area.

Aesthetically pleasing with refined design and detailed style of decor, this venue sets the tone of elegant surroundings and allows plenty of options.

Here in our hotel rooms and suites you will be easily immersed to complete calmness.

They are really big, just like you need to get after a weary day on the road, they are full of all necessary facilities to handle the needs of each visitor.

The hotel puts a strong emphasis on convenient location considering that it is near all major sites of Tirupati tourism and it makes the place an opportunity for both leisure and spiritual searching which points to the fact that it makes the place a convenient base.

Guests will be able to “taste” gourmet, relax by the pool or go on an amazing journey, regardless if it is delicious or fun, they would still enjoy the incredible ambiance nevertheless ask the amazing warmth and hospitality at Pai Viceroy Hotel.

Address:- Tirumala Bypass Road Near Kapilam circle, Tirupati 517501 India

Price:- INR 4,000/ Night

Website:- Pai Viceroy.

MG Iris Hotel

The MG Iris Hotel in Tirupati is an oasis which combines all the modern comforts and conveniences, discretely nestled in the uplifting spiritual aura of the city, the MG Iris Hotel.

The very contemporary which has perfectly fitted into the beautiful old city of Tirupati and caters at both ends, i.e.lavishness and heritage.

The hotel, which has spacious, clean and beautifully decorated rooms, offers a serene haven to unwind or rest after visiting attraction sites or the shrines.

The MG Iris Hotel complies with this by delivering a list of facilities, with a rooftop swimming pool and fitness center among them, that are suited for both vacationers and businessmen.

Whether you drive here for spiritual reasons from nearby temples or to enjoy the gorgeous natural beauty of the region, the hotel serves as a great platform for your Tiruppati trip.

Address:- 14-2-174, Near Railway Station, Tirupati 517501 India

Price:- INR 2000/ Night

Website:- MG Iris.

Renest Tirupati

Renest Tirupati, poised at the foot of the verdant Eastern Ghats mountain range, grants a welcome break from the hustle of city life to those who seek relaxation and quietness.

Its style of modern architecture is skillfully integrated into the natural surroundings that make up this hotel.

From spacious rooms and suites with modern furnishings and cozy atmosphere, guests are free to satiate their desire for privacy and relaxation.

Transport yourself to a world of international cuisine at the in-house restaurants, which boast dishes that do not merely complement our taste buds but excite them.

Be it in the vicinity of the vast temples or just calmly sitting and enjoying the view on the horizon, Renest Tirupathi is sure to offer you such an amazingly pleasant stay with its moments of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Address:- 18-8-40/B, Tirumala Bypass Road Leela Mahal Centre, Tirupati 517501 India 

Price:- INR 2000/ Night

Website:- Renest.

Minerva Grand Tirupati

The Holy atmosphere of Tirupati is the speciality of Minerva Grand which attracts both the pilgrims and the travelers.

It provides a splendid stay for them.

Belying the amount of comfort and convenience it offers with its graceful architecture and modern facilities, this hotel, as such, is a perfect rendition of eloquence and enlightenment.

You can be sure that you will find your second home right here as well-equipped rooms and suites still are the best refuge ever after a day off or a sermon.

Treat the most important organ of the body to the delicate dishes at the highly refined restaurants of the hotel that will definitely fill your senses with delectable flavors.

Whether you are looking to seek spiritual purpose or need a leisure place to socialize, Minerva Grand Tirupati will score highly as a place to cherish in the heart of this sacred City.

Address:- 19-3-13/1, Renigunta Road National Highway 205, Near Railway Station Flyover, Korramenugunta, Tirupati 517501 India

Price:- INR 3,500/ Night

Website:- Minerva.

Raj Park Tirupati

The Raj Park Tirupati in this spiritual place is situated in the ancient city of Tirupati and is a kind of a luxurious retreat where one can rest amid the mystical aura that the city exudes.

The hotel’s accommodating atmosphere and modern style stays impeccable with the comfort and serenity that the visiting guests need and deserve.

The beautiful rooms and suites are furnished in a chic way, offering a tranquilizing refuge for relaxing after a day of discovering something new.

Let your taste buds delight you at the feasts of the restaurant here, where traditional delicacies from around the world are served with taste.

A walk in the park evokes the spiritual, absorbing one into the religious ambiance of the city amid all the modern comforts.

Address:- Tirumala Road 18-1-5/4, Near Nandi Circle, Tirupati 517501 India

Price:- INR 3,500/ Night

Website:- Raj Park.

The Bhimas Residency

Located in the central part of Tirupati, Bhimas Residency is an ideogram of comfort and nicety.

Its elegant facade is a sign of arrival, where every guest will be pampered and taken care of and with every detail carefully chosen the guests will have lasting memories and incredible experiences.

The hotel guest rooms have all its space and furniture appropriately placed.

The rooms are fitted with a number of modern facilities such as TV with DStv, Wi-Fi connection and Mp3 dock among others.

Visitors get the chance to treat themselves at meals which can be taken from the hotel’s multi-cuisine restaurant offering different delicious dishes that are tailored to the individual guest’s taste.

For those who want to simply unwind, there is an opportunity to lay by the rooftop pool and enjoy the morning freshness the surroundings offer with a view.

The Bhimas Residency is one of the top locations in Tirupati and is very much a walking distance from the major Tirupati attractions like the famous alluring Sri Venkateswara Temple which also serves as an ideal base for exploration and assimilation of the regional spiritual and cultural treasures.

Comfortable and amazing service, efficient and courteous personnel in the process, which guarantees the satisfaction of any guest, creating the best time of life.

Whether you are for pilgrimage or fun, here in The Bhimas Residency you have a universal space of serenity of soul and comfort amid the bustling streets.

Address:- 9 – 3 – 41 Renigunta Road Near Ramanuja Circle, Tirupati 517501 India

Price:- INR 3000/ Night

Website:- Bhimas.

Republic Inn

The Republic Inn is the perfect hotel for those looking for a warm and welcoming stay amidst the busy city of Tirupati.

One is sure to feel at home as everyone is greeted with warmth and a feeling of hospitality.

The newly-renovated building features a sleek exterior and clearly points out where inside you can expect nothing but modern comforts that create a serene zone to indulge in amidst the bustling city.

Walk into the lobby decked in exquisite decor and staff that are ever attentive, who establish an atmosphere of peace and serenity.

The hotel’s well-equipped rooms and suites offer a place of relaxation for both body and mind, providing comfortable pieces of furniture and modern amenities at the customer’s disposal.

Visitors will enjoy eating good meals from the member restaurant on site, adding more flavors to the already existing ones.

A primary purpose of the Republic Inn is to give visitors an opportunity for spiritual exploration or outdoor trips, whatever it is, being your hotel base in Tirupati makes for an unforgettable experience.

Finally, after a long, fulfilling day, relax with some swimming in the pool or experience one of the spa treatments that revitalize.

The Republic Inn consequently presents as a blend essential of contemporary luxury and traditional hospitality for visitors seeking a both comfortable and convenient experience in this holy city.

Address:- 19-3-10/A2, Srinivasapuram, Opp. HDFC Bank, Renigunta Rd, Tirupati 517501 India

Price:- INR 3000/ Night.

Website:- Republic.


Golden Tulip Tirupati

In the city of Tirupati, lying in the midst of the majestic hills and religious fervor, one has an exclusive opportunity to relish the hospitality and sublime experience of the Golden Tulip Tirupati.

This remarkable hotel successfully combines a contemporary touch with the olden world feel, providing a place of retro-futuristic rest and extreme delight for all guests.

The harmony of the art work, relaxing colors and soothing interior which the grand lobby features starts that feeling to unwind and decompress from the moment you step in.

Our cozy and beautifully constructed rooms and suites will be the perfect haven, where you will be offered amenities one would expect from a modern accommodation, but also a remarkable view of the outside.

Turn your senses to all the viewpoints, allowing the cooks to make their pieces of art on the fine dining restaurants, where foods are created by a combination of local flavors and world cuisines.

Uncover from the sun in the shining outdoor pool or take some time out and recharge your mind and body with the hotel’s Health Centre, where the experienced therapists will offer a string of sessions of soothing recovery.

Ready to provide the best of one-stop solutions, the Golden Tulip Tirupati also has latest and attractive conference facilities and attentive service available for meetings and business related events or social occasions.

Either a spiritual visit or leisure trip, this sanctuary of luxury will give you an unforgettable experience which is minced in the millstone of Tirupati.

Address:- 20 Tirumala By-Pass Road Near Kapil Theertham, Tirupati 517501 India

Price:- INR 3,500/ Night.

Website:- Golden Tulip.

Hotel Grand Orchid

Hotel Grand Orchid in Tirupati is like a beautiful flower which has charisma and gentleness in its surroundings to make it a cozy place in this city of spiritual tradition.

The hotel represents sophisticated style and elegance in its structural design and attractive interiors.

This makes the hotel the ideal option for people who wish to be treated with class and kindness.

The spacious rooms and suites provide a great relaxing destination having returned from the day’s venturing or spiritual tanking at nearby temples.

Unwind and taste the chef artworks at the hotel restaurant, where the simple cuisines will leave your tastebuds craving for more.

Whether the motive behind visiting the city is to pay a pilgrimage or just having an enjoyable rest, Grand Orchid Hotel is committed to making that stay memorable.

Address:- Old Renigunta Road Near Ramanuja Circle, Tirupati 517501 India

Price:- INR 3,000/ Night

Website:- Hotel Grand Orchid.

Taj Tirupati

Ensconced in the very core of Tirupati, the Taj Tirupati represents a beacon of affluence and service.

The classical design of its building and fine inner decorations give it an atmosphere of classic elegance and luxury.

The hotel provides outstanding service, meeting the needs of demanding guests in the benign and high-detail manner.

Guests can be allured by extraordinary dining experiences, tasting delicious dishes carefully prepared from the best and freshest ingredients.

With its serene atmosphere surrounded by enchanting nature views of the Taj Tirupati, guests will surely go home with stunning memories of this spiritual city.

Address:- 260/1B Tanapalli Road, Tirupati 517501 India

Price:- INR 13,000/ Night

Website:- The Taj.

Hotel PLR Grand

Hotel PLR Grand Tirupati imparts well-being and ease in every inhalation, and it is located in the heart of the city of spirit.

It boasts of being the richest of its kind with some of the best amenities and making it an ideal choice for travelers visiting the hallowed grounds of Tirupati.

Rooms and suites, set up impeccably here, provide for a sound sleep; and with the courteous staff offering great hospitality, all discomfort goes away.

Hospitality guests can choose from various gastronomic delights at the hotel in-house restaurants, where the theme includes cuisines from India and others across the world.

Situated in the heart of the city and exuding a warm family ambiance, Hotel PLR Grand Tirupati is an indisputable ideal for pilgrims and tourists longing for a worthwhile stay in the city of pilgrims.

Address:- Jayasyam Rd Behind Central Bus Stand, Tirupati 517501 India

Price:- INR 2,000/ Night 

Website:- PLR Grand