Best 5 Star Hotels In Juhu

With Juhu being situated along the Arabian Sea coast in Mumbai, you get to hard a look at how coastal charm and urban liveliness blend together. When the sunlit surface of the sand gleams with gold, Juhu Beach enlivens everybody with so many beautiful moments shared by families, friends, and the melodious performances by the street performers.

Sprawling along the coastline, the beach becomes the perfect spot for a timeless walk with the seashore as the backdrop while the dull but peaceful melody of the waves and the sea come together in harmonic rhythm.

Juhu is so popular not only for its sea-like beaches but also for the world-famous Juhu Chowpatty, a hot spot for munchies and street food, welcoming one with an unforgettable variety of delectable delights that effortlessly stimulates the sense of taste and sight.

The sea line promenade becomes a hub of activity. You just have to walk along to see vendors displaying the most colorful trinkets, artists showing off their skills to everyone os the lane. With both locals and tourists enjoying it, one can just immerse themselves in the vivacity of this place.

By the time the sun goes down, the whole Juhu looks like a perfect revolutionary city where the sky gets painted in bright orange and pink color filling all the streets with the atmosphere of love and tenderness.

Big hotels and distinguished restaurants, which are as often as the eye can see, represent a slight part of reality of the neighborhood of Juhu, where the elite come for relaxation and enjoyment, tasting the higher flying tastes of life.

On the other hand, to the majority and minority of the population, Juhu may mean the illusion of a magical place and its originality still appears in the bazaars, fish markets and temples to preserve its cultural heritage.

The wafting of the pungent smell of roasted peanuts along with the salty sea aroma creates such a seductive fusion that holds the memories up and leaves a distinct mark on the mind.

Juhu is more than its tranquil ocean-facing decor, which pulls the people of all walks of life from all over time and space towards its shores, where there is a never-ending cycle of joyous and serene moments amidst the changing tides.

Let’s take a look at Best 5 Stars Hotels in Juhu.

Ramee Guestline Hotel Juhu

Ramee Guestline Hotel in Juhu is a unique luxury property exhibiting international flavor garnished in the green backdrop of Juhu Beach and its tranquil waters.

The stylish building, modern facilities, and best in class level of service which the hotel offers creates the experience of class and sophistication enticing guests to come back for more.

The hotel’s luxurious and roomy apartments come with a window that offers either the breathtaking view of the Arabian Sea or the city’s center.

This is amazing as you can get far from the city buzz, be still and spend a quiet time.

On the menu, a variety of dishes like the classic Indian food, its famous restaurants and offers, and their guests will be on a culinary journey where taste buds are thrilled.

Work out, unwind and hold conventions to your heart’s desires; use the rooftop swimming pool and fitness center for relaxation and rejuvenation while the meeting rooms and banquet halls are for business travelers enjoyment.

Resting in close proximity to the famous Juhu Beach, tourists have the luxury of discovering the region’s other main attractions, such as the bustling markets, vibrant food spots, and most importantly the cultural landmarks.

The hotel’s personnel not only takes care that every guest needs but also provides warmth and hospitality to them, and that is why it is perfect no just for the local visitors but also foreign tourists.

Either ruffling down the waves of Indian ocean exuberantly renewing yourself or consuming the unique dining experience at the hotel with your close family; Ramee Guestline Hotel Juhu blends luxury and convenience together for a memorable Vacation in Mumbai.

Address:- 462, AB Nair Road, Juhu Tara, Juhu, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400049

Price:- INR 8,000/ Night

Website:- Ramee Group.

Novotel Mumbai Juhu Beach

In the heart of Juhu beach which is Mumbai\’s iconic land, Novotel Mumbai Juhu beach is a definition of contemporary and unmatched hospitality.

Through its windows, the hotel offers guests the magic panorama of the Arabian Sea characterized by its peaceful nature amidst the megapolis reality.

Its stylish contemporary architecture and up-market interiors are inviting, and they release a calm atmosphere, where the guests can lounge and feel as if in luxury.

Meticulously tailored spaces and suites are specially designed to ease the guests off of their busy schedule by a surrounding of well-equipped features and breathtaking sea view.

The hotel offers diners a selection of dining options, whether you love the global cuisine served at fine dining restaurants or want a stylish place to soak up innovative cocktails with breathtaking cityscape views.

The hotel offers diversified holiday amenities such as exquisite pool, modern fitness center, and relaxing spa which are of good quality for the guests to enjoy all-round-condition.

The hotel is meant for business travelers with the capabilities of hosting meetings and events in the best appointed spaces equipped with the latest technology that is backed up by a team of event planners.

The prime site of the mall serves both as a business and leisure choice for visitors to the district and entertainment hubs of Mumbai.

Customer satisfaction rating will be able to be achieved by the Novotel Mumbai Juhu Beach staff who are attentive and warm.

Every customer’s needs will be met with care and efficiency.

However, the personalized service provided by staffers will go beyond the expected level, which will result in customer satisfaction.

The hotel guests, irrespective of whether they are saddled by the sun on the beach or explore the magnificent city, are provided with an unrivaled experience stripped of luxury and comfort.

Address:- Balraj Sahni Rd, Juhu, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400049

Price:- INR 8,000/ Night

Website:- Novotel.

JW Marriott Mumbai Juhu

Just the way Juhu Beach has been an iconic symbol of Mumbai, JW Marriott Mumbai Juhu is a shining epitome of luxury and sophistication set against its backdrop.

Its incredible architecture, with every design detail contemporary, suggest that the richness inside the building is beyond complete description.

Upon entering the magnificent lobby, the guest is immediately surrounded by a unique catch of collations and ultramodernity, succeeded by a fantastic feeling that will forever stay in his memories.

The hotel offers a range of glorious rooms that enhance the surrounding scenery, for example, rooms facing the Arabian sea, and suites offering panoramic sight of the city’s skyline.

Merely stating the facts, no room is left untreated with beautiful furnishings and high-tech amenities to offer you the cozy and convenient atmosphere you’ve been looking for.

A food lover’s paradise stands at the doors to JW Marriott Mumbai Juhu, which offers a fantastic selection of dining choices to most charmingly surprise your appetite.

The Saffron restaurant serves Indian cuisine at its best whilst Dashanzi restaurant does bring great innovation in global food.

Each food delivered is a magnificent piece of culinary monument.

For people who want the spa to be the sanctuary for them, the hotel’s tranquil spa is an excellent place to recharge with gentile treatments and therapies which will help to relax you and clear your mind.

A plenty of acreage swimming pool highlights the center, in which you can see swaying palm trees all about.

This is made for relaxation a must even in the tropical paradise.

Fitness center is also provided and it caters for health conscious to help them maintain fitness while they are on the island.

The distinguished service of JW Marriott Mumbai Juhu guarantees that every desire is looked after with all attentiveness and composedness.

Thus, the esteemed travelers will find the stay memorable and exclusive.

Good location, luxury amenities and high end hospitality chain the JW Marriott Mumbai Juhu is the epitome of pure indulgence , hence they welcome travelers for business and leisure.

Address:- Jw Marriott Mumbai Juhu, Juhu Tara Rd, Juhu Tara, Juhu, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400049

Price:- INR 16,000/ Night

Website:- Marriott.

Bloom Hotel – Juhu

Bloom Hotel is situated in the center of Juhu, Vibrant colony of Mumbai that is known for being the heart of the city.

Offering a fusion of contemporary trends and elegance with warmth.

Self-occupied placement is another unique feature offering as it is in the nearest surrounding of the Juhu beach making it easy for the guests to enjoy the fresh air of the Arabian Sea and hear its charming sounds.

The lodge’s cool and cozy rooms give guests a chance to unwind from the chaos of city life through the sleek design, modern amenities and soft upholstery.

The guests will have the opportunity to enjoy some culinary choices at the on-site hotel restaurant with a wide range of appetizing dishes prepared using the freshest ingredients sourced elsewhere.

Going to the bar’s rooftop trades the view of the city skyline as the ideal ambiance to complete the day with a glass of cocktail as it becomes darker under the sunrays.

Being a sanctuary for those seeking peace, we boast of a spa centre that unleashes the leeway for our guests to unwind, relax and rejuvenate their mind, soul and body through our indulgent treatments and therapies.

The highly professional staff of the hotel show its readiness to meet all the wishes of the guests with enthusiasm and utmost care, which often results in leaving a real mark in the memory of the guest and helps turn the trip into a real pleasure.

There is a place for everybody – that is, Bloom Hotel -Juhu.

It is a beautiful hotel situated in one of the most sought after neighborhoods in the capital of Indian cinema – Mumbai.

It offers both leisure and business visitors an area of security and luxury in Mumbai.

Its meticulousness and striving are some of the features which inspire travelers to choose it for a cherished experience during their stay at the city of continual movement.

Address:- Plot No. 5, CTS No.1004, Juhu Tara Rd, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400049

Price:- INR 7,000/ Night

Website:- Bloom.

Sun-n-Sand Mumbai Juhu Beach

Explore Mumbai’s famous Juhu Beach which is the city’s iconic landmark, with its golden sands, Sun-n-Sand Mumbai radiates luxury and rejuvenation.

With its rare architecture and mount-viewing sedate position somewhere in the city center, the hotel is a serene avoidance from the busy cityscape.

Each suite and room are carefully crafted in such a way that it provides guests with all the comfort and elegance characters.

This is achieved through incorporation of the contemporary aspects as well as having splendid views of the ocean or the skyline of the metropolis.

Not only the hotel but the culinary experiences tease your taste buds with a plethora of food options starting from fine Indian cuisine to name international delicacies while at the same time using the fresh ingredients and serving them with unparalleled hospitality.

For the well-being relaxants, The spa and well center of the hotel provides a ‘sanctuary of tranquility’ with a range of holistic treatments and therapies to cool the mind, body and the soul.

Sun-n-Sand Mumbai is also popular for its perfect service combined with details, which in most cases, lead every guest to a state of incredible eminence.

Whether sunbathing by the pool with a tempting cocktail in hand or appreciating nature in a tranquil environment while strolling by the seashore at twilight, guests deserve real vacation at Juhu Beach.

Sun-n-Sand Mumbai offers a complete package of both luxury and comfort along with a professional service and comes out as the preferred accommodation for those seeking memorable stay in Mumbai.

Address:- 39, Juhu Beach, Chand Society, Juhu, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400049

Price:- INR 7,000/ Night

Website:- Sun n Sand.

Ramada Plaza By Wyndham Palm Grove

Ramada Plaza by Wyndham Palm Grove Juhu Beach being a symbol of luxurious stay and service by the sea line of Juhu Beach, Mumbai.

This place on the seafront will make visitors breathe in the fresh air from the Arabian Sea and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere which is so characteristic for the vivid life of the town.

A combination of the hotel’s aesthetically pleasing layout and modern layout gracefully fits with nature alongside the urban bustle, hence producing a calm composition in the middle of the craziness.

Each room and suite is fully furnished with the contemporary facilities and lush elegant furniture for the purpose of the convenient and the comfortable stay of every visitor.

The hotel’s cuisine attracts with the exotic gourmet pleasures, a broad palette of meals with the most exotic delicacies from the places all around the globe.

The spa and wellness center at the hotel are going to be the places where the guests may refurbish their senses as well as have body treating or holistic therapy to rejuvenate their minds.

The hotel, for leisure seekers offers a stunning swimming pool, with every amenity one can ask for in a chilled-out heaven.

The staff of Wyndham Palm Grove Juhu Beach Ramada Plaza is caring and dedicated to attending the needs of guests.

They are always there with a smile, and you will leave satisfied and fulfilled.

No matter what the reason is – business or pleasure, this luxurious haven can be a perfect hideaway for travelers seeking to become part of the mesmerizing beauty and culture of Mumbai cottage by having all their comforts while at home.

Address:- Juhu Beach, Juhu Tara Rd, next to Shivaji Maharaj Statue, Nazir Wadi, Theosophical Housing Colony, Juhu, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400049

Price:- INR 6,000/ Night

Website:- Ramada by Wyndham.

Hotel Beach Crown Juhu

Juhu Beach located right next to magnificent Mumbai city, Hotel Beach Crown offers stayings of luxury and peace.

To match, the hotel is located in an ideal location that above all has its breathtaking views of Arabian Sea which is a goal destination of the world travelers.

The guest is welcomed to a bastion of luxury with the exquisite facade and the alluring interiors of the Hotel Bech Crown, featuring an ambiance that both impresses and captivates.

Every suite is luxuriously styled and well equipped with comfort in mind first, featuring most modern facilities and soft furnishings for relaxation.

The softness of waves, which gently roll to the shore, produces a soothing serenade that would caress your ears as you relax drinking it up inside-out.

The rooftop restaurant provides an unmatched diversion with a gastronomic travel through global flavors and it saves the breath of capturing views at the coastline.

Visitors may adopt to get their body and mind back by visiting the hotel’s spa which provides a range of rejuvenating body massages and therapies done by professional therapists.

Apart from the experienced staff at Hotel Beach Crown, no instruction is ignored.

Therefore, each guest visits the hotel with the feeling of revival and value being accorded to them.

From lounging by the infinity pool while sipping drinks from the beachfront bar, taking romantic strolls along the shores, or even unwinding in your beachfront room, Hotel Beach Crown is setting the perfect scene for exceptional memories.

Through its combination of class, comfort and best in class hospitality, Hotel Beach Coran maintains its reputation as a paragon of tranquility for visitors who wish to be involved in a blissful experience at Juhu Beach.

Address:- Hotel Back Side to Hit & Run Restaurant, 15, Manilal Cottage, Juhu Tara Rd, opp. Juhu, Juhu, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400049

Price:- 2,500/ Night

Website:- Beach crown.


In the midst of all the glamor, Juhu has several five-star hotels that are known for offering exclusive and five-star status.

The JW Marriott Mumbai Juhu is renowned for their stylish furnishings, luxury amenities and unparalleled promenades of the aqua sea across the windows.

The three-star hotel (Novotel Mumbai Juhu Beach), with its stylish interior design, upscale dining, and huge meeting event rooms, is a call for every individual who is either for leisure or business.

The Sun-n-Sand Hotel features the best of contemporary and sophisticated interiors as well as thorough, attentive care to personal requirements, allowing the guests to indulge in a truly exciting journey by the sea.

Furthermore, the Ramee guestline in Juhu Beach appears to be a luxurious place with environment-friendly practices in their operations, variety of rooms and diverse catering which makes it perfect for people who are looking for something unique and special when it comes to travel.

Mumbai’s Juhu area has a collection of famous hotels that offer top-quality inviting hospitality and splendid leisure facilities.

Lucky for the city is the included horseshoe in the JW Marriott Mumbai Juhu face, one of many brilliant features, with sea views, stylish restaurants on top, and luxurious accommodations.

Along with this, another premium choice is the Novotel Mumbai Juhu Beach, which is notable for its contemporary design, proximity to the beach, and the absence of contemporary facilities.

The Sun-N-Sand Hotel, Mumbai is very well-known in this regard for offering the mix of modern comforts and traditional hospitality for making it a favorite for the travelers searching for a stay in Juhu more than everyone else.

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