Hotels In Kolhapur You Must Know About

Kolhapur is renowned for its rich cultural heritage, historical significance, and delectable cuisine. 

Famous for its intricately designed Kolhapuri chappals and delectable spicy cuisine, Kolhapur offers visitors a glimpse into traditional Maharashtrian culture.

On the other hand, Mumbai, the bustling capital city of Maharashtra, is a melting pot of cultures, offering a dynamic blend of modernity and tradition. 

Known as the financial, commercial, and entertainment hub of India, Mumbai captivates with its iconic landmarks like the Gateway of India and Marine Drive, vibrant street life, Bollywood film industry, and diverse culinary scene. 

Both cities contribute uniquely to Maharashtra’s vibrant tapestry, drawing visitors from around the globe to experience their distinct flavors and charm.

Let’s look into the best hotels in Kolhapur

Ramee Panchshil

Ramee Panchshil is a commercial hotel with a chopper-landing facility that enjoys strategic business location in the heart of the city covering 30,000 Sq. Ft. of land.

This hotel is centrally located very close to the central bus station & the railway station and therefore is a perfect location not only for business persons but vacationing families as well during their stay in Kolhapur Ramee Panchshil will stand by its name & well known as a star rated hotel which holds all required facilities of top business class hotels.

The grandiose stay at the Ramee Panchshil simply is one memorable event.

The class business design, decorated with outstanding furniture offers us a perfect spot.

Our rooms inventory contributes to a total of 48 (Deluxe and Executive), and a luxury experience to the customers is another facility that we provide as a thoughtful gesture to our esteemed Guest.

Fortunately, we have a ticket parking area which is also quite workable in an all inclusive setting, for example, hosting a conference or a party.

We have a small garden in the house for children to play in rooms provided with Wi-Fi, and the multi-cuisine kitchen with the surprising flavor of Kolhapuri, the whole place is well appointed and comfortable.

Website:- Ramee Panchshil.

Price:- ₹ 3000/ Night

Facilities:- Free Wi-Fi, Free breakfast, Free parking, Accessible Pool, Laundry service

Address:- 517, A/2, Shivaji Park Near CBS Stand, Kolhapur 416001 India

Sayaji Kolhapur

This elegant hotel offers a nightclub with a clubby atmosphere, cuisines of different types, stylistic rooms, as well good location, that makes a hotel an enjoyable place to stay.

The night club located on the site can be a good place to shake your body for all party goers.

Take advantage of the proximity of the Distance New Palace – 4.3 km to the property.

Love foreign cuisines and great drinks from the in-site Blue Lotus restaurant. This is your place.

Website:- Sayaji

Price:- ₹ 6500/ Night

Facilities:- Free Wi-Fi, Free breakfast, Free parking, Accessible, Pool, Air-conditioned.

Address:- 2104/15, E Ward, Old Pune-Bangalore Hwy, Kawala Naka, Shahupuri, Kolhapur, Maharashtra 416005

Veeksar The Fern Kolhapur

In a short walk from Kolhapur Railway station, there is The Fern, which offers three restaurants, well furnished rooms with state-of-the-art infrastructure.

The Kolhapur Railway Station is only 3.6 kilometers away, hence imagine a roof.

The breakfast is a breathtaking accompaniment to the on-site restaurant that will be available to guests who would want to eat.

Website:- Veeksar.

Price:- ₹ 4000/ Night

Facilities:- Wi-Fi, Free breakfast, Pool, Air-conditioned, Laundry service, Room service

Address:- C.S. No. 462 B/23, opp. Shahu Market Yard, E Ward, Kolhapur, Maharashtra 416003

Hotel Sham Suman

This budget hotel has well-furnished rooms, Wi-Fi connection and a restaurant nearby but it is not far from the Kolhapur Railway Station.

The railway station in Kolhapur, which is situated 2.

6 km away from here, is easily available for those who like traveling by train.

Make use of prompt Wi-Fi to ensure prompt submission of assignments.

On-property dining rooms craft mouth-watering dishes to curb your hunger.

Website:- Hotel Sham Suman.

Price:- ₹ 1500/ Night

Facilities:- Free Wi-Fi, Free breakfast, Pool, Air-conditioned, Laundry service, Room service

Address:- 70, Jotiba Rd, near JYOTIBA MANDIR GHATI DARWAJA, B Ward, C Ward, Kolhapur, Maharashtra 416012

Hotel Atharv

Dream about the vacation you’ve been always yearning to have by staying at Hotel Atharv, a hotel right beside a lake! 

The hotel’s patio has a beautiful city view from.

Here you can find a restaurant offering different cuisines with fantastic dishes. 

The hotel and the Kolhapur station are 1.2 km from each other..

Website:- Hotel Atharv.

Price:- ₹ 3000/ Night

Facilities:- Wi-Fi, Free breakfast, Free parking, Air-conditioned, Laundry service, Room service

Address:- Takshila CBS C S NO 326/A E A Ward Dabholkar Corner, opp. Pravasi Lodge, New Shahupuri, Kolhapur, Maharashtra 416001

Hotel Vrishali Executive

Vrishali Hotel, which is frequented by both businessmen and holidaymakers, is the place to be for those who wish to have a good quality hotel at the focus of Kolhapur in terms of higher qualities and services.

The pool in this hotel lobby is a beautiful infinity pool that one could swim at any time of the day.

The daily buzz in a multilingual classroom can be noisy and fast paced, while at the same time intimate and interactive.

The Kolhapur Bus Stand is approximately 900 meters.

Teenagers will love the zone which has a foosball table, a tennis court, and a pool, because it is a really fun place to be.

Initiating through its delicious meals, the poolside restaurant serves as a description of a good eating experience.

Website:- Hotel Vrishali.

Price:- ₹ 3000/ Night

Facilities:- Free Wi-Fi, Free breakfast, Free parking, Accessible Outdoor pool, Air-conditioned.

Address:- 39, A/2 Circuit house road, Tarabai Park, Kolhapur, Maharashtra 416003

Hotel Darshan

This hotel which is close to the Railway station of Kolhapur offers all facilities such as lift, CCTV cameras, Wi-Fi high-speed and AC rooms.

Indulge yourself in the Hotel’s modern room, which is designated for comfort and equipped with all contemporary amenities.

Convenience, being that the hotel is just 550 meters away, take advantage of the station’s proximity.

Plunge into yummy international plates provided by the site’s cooking quarters. Know more.

Website:- Hotel Darshan.

Price:- ₹ 1200/ Night

Facilities:- Free Wi-Fi, Free breakfast, Paid parking, Accessible, Air-conditioned, Laundry service

Address:- Assembly Rd, near Basant Bahar Talkies, Shahupuri, Kolhapur, Maharashtra 416003

Hotel Ranjan Deluxe

Hotel Ranjan Deluxe which is located in Kolhapur is considered to be one of the finest hotels in the city.

It is the location of the hotel which causes me to choose it over others, among many other factors.

Over the years, this hospitality hub developed into a perfect spot for people from all walks of life to feel relaxed amidst the bustling metropolis.

Glowing tributes, as many a review declares, make the hotel a one-stop choice of travelers in Kolhapur.

Price:-  ₹ 1500/ Night

Facilities:- Wifi, Room service, Parking, Air conditioned. 

Address:- Ford Corner, 1423, C ward, Laxmipuri, Kolhapur, Maharashtra 416002

Hotel Samarth Inn

Hotel Samarth Inn is situated in the Vicinity of exquisite temples, 500 meters from Kolhapur Central Bus Stand, 1 km from the railway station, and 8 km from Kolhapur Airport.

There are several destinations to eat and drink near the hotel where visitors may savor regional and local specialties.

Know More details.

Website:- Samarth Inn.

Price:-  ₹ 1200/ Night

Facilities:- Free Wi-Fi, Parking, Air-conditioned, Laundry service, Room service, Child friendly

Address:- 204/27, E Ward, New Shahupuri, Kolhapur, Maharashtra 416001

Hotel Madhuri Executive

Get to know the majestic Hotel Madhuri Executive during your stay, which is a premium hotel with breathtaking aesthetics and offerings.

Located in the bustling city of Kolhapur.

It is just 8 km from the hotel, Rankala, the favorite lake, where you can have a memorable and recreational day.

Get delighted with a delectable array of mouthwatering recipes at the restaurant, right at the property.

Use redundancy, as the house is located at Kolhapur railway station.

Price:- ₹ 2000/ Night

Facilities:- Free Wi-Fi, Parking, Air-conditioned, Laundry service, Child friendly, Restaurant

Address:- No 531 C Ward, Karvir Vachnalay mandir, Rajaram Rd, Bindu Chowk, Kolhapur, Maharashtra 416002

Hotel Shlok

Exhaust a wonderful stint at this lavish Kolhapur hotel which offers modern rooms, restaurant as well as free Wi-Fi.

The picturesque Rankala Lake, that is just a 3.4 miles drive from the property, might be worth a visit.

Ensure free Wi-Fi to allow your family members to keep in touch with you.

Use our AI to write for you about any topic!

Enjoy the ultimate extravaganza!

Having your own restaurant will ensure provision of a fascinating menu to make your palate irresistibly inviting.

Website:- Hotel Shlok.

Price:-  ₹ 2000/ Night

Facilities:- Free Wi-Fi, Free breakfast, Parking, Outdoor pool, Laundry service, Room service

Address:- Near Octroi, Fulewadi Toll Naka, Kolhapur – Gaganbavda – kankavli Rd, Phulewadi, Kolhapur, Maharashtra 416010

Regenta Place Raysons, Kolhapur

Regenta Place Raysons, Kolhapur (formerly known as Citrus Kolhapur) is situated calmly through strategically by perfectly maintaining the balance between peacefulness and convenience.

It is simply 5 mins drive from the Railway station while Airport is far behind at 9 km distance.

The Hotel Hotels launched in 2003 with 30 rooms inventory.

Just this year the hotel had been totally refashioned and added more rooms and restaurants.

As of now, the hotel accommodates 47 bedrooms.

The informal rooms in our smack modules are provided with hardwood floors and desks, free wi-fi, flat screen TVs and tea / coffee making facilities all packed in as an extra treat.

Upgraded suites have a space intended for a lounge (extra room) and safes.

Room-sized suites have separate living rooms.

Get the overview about this place.

Website:- Regenta Place.

Price:- ₹ 4000/ Night

Facilities:- Free Wi-Fi, Free breakfast, Free parking, Air-conditioned, Laundry service, Room service

Address:- 204, near S.T Stand, E Ward, New Shahupuri, Kolhapur, Maharashtra 416001

Nisarg Resort

Take the pleasure of the soundless silence.

Watch different natures moods come and go.

“NISARG” stands for NATURE using the short style of Sanskrit language.

Outward city troubles can be ignored.

Current lives of people are burdened with the load of the benefits of modern man.

Here you can only enjoy the sweet whistle of silence and harmony of nature.

It’s all about starting from nothing, from whence everything emerges.

Dive into tranquility.

Website:- Nisarg Resort.

Price:- ₹ 6000/ Night

Facilities:- Wi-Fi, Free breakfast, Free parking, Air-conditioned, Laundry service


Address:- A/P Sadale Madale,Tal Karvir, Kolhapur, Maharashtra 416003

Krishna Inn

Krishna Inn, Kolhapur awaits you to give you ultimate happiness.

Our location is just a few steps from the business district, town center and the bus station.

You’ll find the perfect amalgamation of work and play here.

Besides being the first and may be the only eco-hotel in the city, we are proud to operate under the environment-friendly policy.

After a long day do some sightseeing and get back to your room for the sake of comfort.

You are certain to make your stay with us so remarkable that you will not forget it.

We are providing Rooms on Eco Rooms & Suites for accommodation, food service at Malhar Resto Bar and Mahua RoofTop Eco Banquets for the purpose of banqueting.

Website:- Krishna Inn.

Price:- ₹ 2000/ Night

Facilities:- Free Wi-Fi, Free breakfast, Free parking, Accessible, Pool, Air-conditioned
Address:- Bus Stand, 224/A/1B, 0.5, next to D mart, near to Rail Way Station, E Ward, Tarabai Park, Kolhapur, Maharashtra 416003

Hotel Atria

Hotel Atria, the newest arrival of the hospitality industry in the city of Kolhapur, is one of the most talked about projects.

The hotel is an exact location in Kolhapur center town, in walking distance from main railway station and city bus stand as well as business center in the town.

The hotel is a new project of Patankar family who has built their own business by their confidence in the hospitality industry that has lasted for more than 45 years.

Delve into the descriptions.

Website:- Hotel Atria.

Price:- ₹ 2000/ Night

Facilities:-Free Wi-Fi, Free breakfast, Pool, Air-conditioned, Laundry service, Room service

Address:- 204, STATION ROAD, E Ward, New Shahupuri, Kolhapur, Maharashtra 416001

Hotel Maratha regency

Hotel Maratha Regency is a modern-day place of living and fun to experience located on the beat of city Kolhapur.

The hotel is in the town center and there is quick and easy access to Mahalaxmi Temple, Airport, Railway station and Bus Stand.

Our hotel offers all-purpose rooms as well cordial service suites that have all the necessary amenities required by the traveler that include, a Television set, WiFi access, Room service, Extra beds, and much more.

The hotel has a restaurant which specializes in multi cuisine and a resto bar which offers a full menu of tasty cuisine and drinks, not limited to famous Kolhapuri delicacies.

Another service that we offer is two fully equipped conference halls (capacity up to 150 pax) designed for conducting an exhibition, seminar and other types of socializing events.

A team of Maratha Regency strives to make the visiting guest feel at home here and take the feeling of home away from the home.

Website:- Hotel Maratha.

Price:- ₹ 3000/ Night

Facilities:- Wi-Fi, Free breakfast, Free parking, Air-conditioned, Laundry service, Room service.
Address:- No.205, A/E, Tarabai Rd, near Sasne Ground, New Shahupuri, Kolhapur, Maharashtra 416001

Hotel Opal

Opals’ diversity of quiet viz, genuine Kolhapuri Thalis, Mutton special preparations (Non V) are deliciously served.

People have been craving for Mac tellas and Pandharas since ages now; which has also become the favorite of Opal.

Since d/c of Nov. 1968 till today, Opal has come across as an exemplary Kolhapuri Cuisine.

Tourists and travelers going to Kolhapur to seek the divine power of Goddess Ambabai, on trek for a pleasant stop here at Opal Hotel which provides lively hospitality and turns to try our home cooked delicacies.

Winning the ‘Times Now Foodie Award’ for its best local cuisine in 2012 is an additional honor to the service provider ; which has been benefiting as a restaurant of excellent global menu design since its establishment in 2001 !

The prize is to be the last stroke to make Opal’s hallowed crown.

Well, the primary idea behind creating Opal was to lend our best services to the Kolhapuri Cuisine & an age-old tradition of “Hospitality with Simplicity” to our esteemed customers.

Website:- Hotel Opal.

Price:- ₹ 3000/ Night

Facilities:- Wi-Fi, Free breakfast, Free parking, Air-conditioned, Laundry service, Room service.
Address:- 2104-16A, E, Old Pune-Bangalore Road, Near Tararani Chowk, Opp. MAI Hyundai Showroom, Besides Hotel Sayaji, Kolhapur 416005 India

Hotel Pearl

Hotel Pearl, the most prestigious hotel in town, was the brainchild of visionaire who founded it in 1971.

The hotel consists of 30 twin bedded guest rooms which we have designed and decorated amazingly to provide guests with any modern day amenities.

It is an ISO 9001:To enhance functionality there are necessary administrative infrastructure such as 2008 certified hotel Comfortable accommodation directly opposite the railway station, bus depot, and a 30-minute drive from the international airport, and just to complete this beautiful set is a nice and calm environment right around the hotel.

Hotel “Pearl” is always in the first place for the guests who get to Kolhapur, and those who are taking a break on the way. Reasons are given.

Website:- Hotel Pearl.

Price:- ₹ 3000/ Night

Facilities:- Free Wi-Fi, Free breakfast, Free parking, Accessible, Air-conditioned, Laundry service
Address:- 204, KH , E WARD, NEW SHAHUPURI, Kolhapur, Maharashtra 416001


Kolhapuri cuisine, known for its bold flavors and spicy dishes, has gained popularity in Mumbai due to its unique and authentic taste.

The city’s restaurants often feature signature dishes like Kolhapuri Misal, Tambda Rassa, and Pandhara Rassa, attracting locals and tourists alike.

This culinary influence has made Kolhapur a notable destination for food enthusiasts in Mumbai.

Kolhapur is accessible from Mumbai by various modes of transportation.

The most common way to reach Kolhapur from Mumbai is by train, with several daily services connecting the two cities.

Additionally, there are buses and private taxis available for those preferring road travel, and Kolhapur also has a domestic airport with flights from Mumbai.

In Kolhapur, Mumbai, visitors can explore the historic sites such as the iconic Mahalaxmi Temple and the stunning New Palace, known for its architectural grandeur.

Indulging in the vibrant local culture, tourists can witness traditional performances like Lavani dance and enjoy shopping for Kolhapuri chappals and handicrafts in the bustling markets.

Additionally, savoring the rich and spicy Kolhapuri cuisine at local eateries is a must-do experience for food enthusiasts.

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