Amazing luxurious Spas In Juhu Mumbai

The mind-bending beauty of the city, which seems to have been sprung up from the sea, is vividly displayed in the coastline of Juhu, Mumbai area along the Arabian Sea in India.

When the waves softly wrap it up with a slice of sandy beaches, Juhu, the city of peace and happiness is ready to surrender a postcard of tranquility and vibration to its visitors.

The gentle wind from the ocean is playing with the graceful palm trees’ leaves while the yellow sand that endlessly stretches along the horizons is being painted with the spell-casting shadows by the sea.

The deep indigo of the sea, of course, mixes effortlessly with the robin’s egg blue sky to form a hypnotizing border that makes anyone peeking at it eagerly feel a deep longing for freedom.

All along the promenade varieties of colors and sounds combine attractively as artisans sell their crafts, trinkets, and bakeries, and families come to celebrate the bliss of togetherness.

Juhu is the abode of the kind melody of the sea that cradles dreams on their quiet waves.

Is this, then, why Juhu becomes a haven of quietude and life’s exuberance all at once and undeniably a destination not to be missed?

Juhu,being the beauty it is also offers variety of luxury spas in the vicinity to have the ultimate relaxation of the lifetime, let’s take a look at 7 spa in Mumbai Juhu:-

Reborn spa, Ramee guestline hotel, Juhu

The Reborn Spa and Wellness center was founded in the year 2016 and it is playing an important role in the Beauty Spas category in Mumbai.

Being the leading chain, this fairly known place is ideal for clients both from the local neighborhood and from other parts of Mumbai.

On a longer term, the business we discussed has claimed its spot among other competitors in the industry.

The main asset of this establishment is that the customer satisfaction is considered to be as valuable as their products and services, and that has helped them gain many customers who continue to come back at the speed of light.

Employees at this business are people who are committed to the roles which they perform and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure the entire vision and other organizational goals are achieved.

In the following soon,not only the existing products but also the new services will be provided for more customers.

This particular eatery in Mumbai would be situated prominently right in the heart of Juhu.

Transport is not an elusive task in reaching here as there are many options such as bus, train or taxi.

It is known to provide top service in the following categories: Humanize: Body Massage Centres / Beauty Spas / Massage Centres For Men / Massage Centres For Women /

Russian Centers For Body Massage, Spas For Men Unisex, Thai Centres For Body Massage, Body Massage Centres For Unisex.

Website:- Reborn Spa

Address:- Ramee Guestline Hotel, 462, AB Nair Road, Juhu, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400049

Quan Spa 

The key element of the hotel is “health through water,” a topic that became widely known within the scope of the multi-award-winning Quan Spa.

Water is the source of both life and cure, we all know this small miracle works as a pacemaker.

Age-old healing practices of Indian culture and then embracing them altogether form a realm of space where one can find mental, physical, and, in the end, beauty.

Our spa offers a full range of services such as the therapy baths, Ayurvedic treatments, couple’s massage, body scrubs, wraps, and foot massages.

Make yourself fully acquainted by knowing more about Quan spa.

Website:- Quan Spa.

Address:- Jw Marriott Mumbai Juhu, Juhu Tara Road, uhu, Mumbai, Juhu Tara Rd, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400049

Lubss Spa Luxuries Juhu

Luxurious Lubss Spa in Old Sridevi Bungalow in Juhu Discover a location where striking up a wonderful friendship is just as normal as getting a fantastic makeover.

Juhu Mumbai’s best spa experiences can be found at Lubss Spa.

Team members at Lubss Spa are educated to seek out both exterior and inner attractiveness.

Our goal is to uplift and celebrate every beautiful thing that God has given you.

Allow us to provide you with rest and renewal to nourish your spirit.

Our beauty-enhancing therapies will pamper your face, hair, and body while your mind is at peace and content.

The treatments offered at Lubss Spa have been created utilizing the best ingredients and cutting-edge methods.

The aim of Lubss Spa Luxurie is to always assist you in unwinding and achieve the ultimate serene.

Website:- Lubss Spa

Address:- Old Sridevi Bungalow, AB Nair Rd, opposite Tanatan, next to Novotel hotel, Juhu, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400049

1000 petals

The integration of mind cognition enhancement and meditation area 1,000 lotus leaves involves float tanks (often called float therapy, or floatTherapy), Lucia No.

Ego Eraser machine, which detoxifies the Pineal gland and recharges the brain, a Bio energy scanner to be aware of your chakra alignment, deep state meditations, workshops and playful events.

First, it includes mind cognition enhancement represented by float (or float therapy) experiences. Secondly, sensory deprivation tanks (known as float tanks, floatTherapy, or Isolation tanks) are called Lucia No.

brain cleanser machine (03 hypnagogic light device) for the Pineal gland that recharges your brain with lights, a Bio Energy scanner to know your chakra alignment, deep state meditations, workshops and events that are fun.

Address:- 1st Floor Silver Crest Apartment, Alfred Creado Ln, Chand Society, A B Nair Road, Juhu, Mumbai – 400049 (Behind Iskcon Temple)

Yuan thai spa 

The four-star Yuan Thai Spa, one of the greatest Thai spas in Mumbai, is always ready to assist in relieving your stress and physical aches, which are common sources of suffering in today’s world.

Yuan’s goal is to give you the greatest possible spa experience.

At Yuan Thai Spa and Salon, our mission is to enhance your inner beauty with distinctively restorative spa services and to cure your physical and mental annoyance with top-notch massages.

The upscale neighborhoods of Bandra, Andheri, Santacruz, and Borivali are home to Yuan Thai Spa.

Yuan Thai Spa was founded by two passionate professionals in the Indian health industry.

They take you on an amazing journey of therapeutic massages to improve your mood and increase your vitality, know more about this spa.

Website:- Yuan thai spa

Address:- Sea View Apartment, 104,Ist floor, Juhu Tara Rd, above Shiva Saloon, Santacruz, Mumbai, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400049

Caressaa Day Spa

Caressaa, true to its name, is a tender touch.

Situated in the center of Mumbai (Juhu), it offers a fantastic spa experience that you may enjoy all day long.

Experience our unique rope massage technique, which is our signature treatment, or unwind in our couples massage room, complete with a steam room and shower.

They also provide superior European facials and anti-aging treatments with the French-patented LPG endermologie technology.

Address:-  28/29, 19-28/29, Janki Kutir, Juhu Church Road, Juhu, 28/29, Juhu Church Rd, near Prithvi Theatre, Janki Kutir, Juhu, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400049


Thus, “Myrah,” an opulent destination day spa in Mumbai, came to be, tucked cozy away in the laid-back suburbs of affluent Juhu.

a location where visitors not only receive royal treatment upon entering, but also actually become royalty.

Immediately, one is taken to a place of divine serenity, lovely energy, and relaxation.

Myrah is a sanctuary where we address a person’s exterior well-being in addition to their inner tranquility.

Website:- Myrah

This spa in Mumbai has zen-like décor with brocade backgrounds, crystal chandeliers, and elaborate gold mirrors of Myrah that create a delectable mix between the sumptuous and the delicate.

It combines modern and old world charm to make it one of the best.

Address:- 11, Palm Spring Society, Shoppers Stop, behind Juhu, Jukarwadi, JVPD Scheme, Juhu, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400049


The operating hours of spas can vary depending on the establishment and may change due to factors like holidays or special events. 

It’s best to directly contact the spa you’re interested in or check their website or social media pages for their current timings.

Spas in Juhu, Mumbai, typically offer a range of services aimed at relaxation and wellness.

These may include massages, facials, body treatments such as scrubs and wraps, and beauty services like manicures and pedicures.

Some spas may also provide specialized therapies such as aromatherapy or Ayurvedic treatments.

Additionally, many spas offer packages or customized experiences to cater to the individual needs and preferences of their clients.

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