Best Hotels In Manama Of 2024

Manama, the most buzzing city in Bahrain with its northern eastern side in the northern westernmost corner of the island nation in the Persian Gulf is the home to the red carpet of Bahrain’s culture, history and modernity.

Its skyline is the kind of thing that comes up when you juxtapose the luster of modern skyscrapers and minarets of tradition.

It is the portrait of coexistence of the said two elements.

The pulsating hubbub of Manama Markets, with its rock-work labyrinths, allows one to understand Bahraini culture directly as the aroma of the spices blend with the remark.

The Bahrain National Museum literally stands out and by being a transmitter of history it is demonstrating artifacts that describe the trade of Dilmun civilization to the lesson of pearl fishing era.

Manama essentially is the kitchen where a lot of recipes touch the flavor of both the traditional sumptuous Bahraini cuisine popular features as Machboos and fantastic international cuisines available at the trendiest restaurants.

The Bahrain World Trade Center, with its renowned twin towers doubled with wind turbines, is a visible manifest of their ascending leadership in the field of environmental care and modernity.

The corniche of Manama draws people for leisure walks along the waterfront, where the sunset with the glittering city skyline across gives a perfect picture later in the day.

F1 excitement holds center stage at the Bahrain International Circuit, located out of this city.

In one way or another, racing fans from all over the world converge on this site.

The artistic and cultural life of Manama is very vibrant.

People can find modern galleries demonstrating various works of art and theaters with performances aiming to bring together the creative life of the whole of Bahrain.

Overall, Manama is a city of warmth and hospitality, a city where the local people willingly open doors for tourists and through which the translucent essence of the Bahraini spirit can be revealed amid the hustle and bustle of the streets and the quiet retreat of the oases.

Let’s count down the best accommodation in the city.

Ramee Grand Hotel And Spa

The Ramee Grand Hotel and SPA Manama is one of those luxurious and really comfortable hotels, located in the center of the city and combining exclusiveness and coziness.

Our highlighting feature is the impressive rooms and suites with each room carefully designed in order to provide guests with the utmost tranquility and the most modern amenities.

Our goal is to ensure our guests that they were well taken care of and under the best kinds of hospitality.

Featuring the latest equipment and sessions with revitalizing treatment all done in a serene environment, the visitors get an opportunity to pamper themselves and enjoy a memorable moment.

The gastronomy of the hotel would be varied to suit those with an array of tastes by incorporating outstanding international cuisine as well as being able to serve authentic Bahraini palates in areas that are posh or decorated with intricate details.

With the prime location around main landmarks and in the business district, Ramee Grand Hotel and Spa becomes paradise for those who go on a tour and leisure and those in business seeking unique stay experience in Manama.

Address: Rd 2813, Seef, Bahrain

Price: INR 8000/ Night

Website: Ramee Grand.

Charthouse Residences

ChartHouse Residences, where you are never far from the hustle and bustle of Manama,is the Manama hotel that offers you the very best in the glory of Bahrain’s capital city.

With its 360-degree overlook of the vibrant city hustle and a discrete view of the beautiful reveals of the Gulf Arabian sea, it is the perfect modern luxury vision.

Each apartment has a spacious living area, a modern kitchen and a bathroom with a whirlpool tub, furnished to highest quality standards to deliver a haven of sophistication and convenience to the residents.

Our ChartHouse Residences offer a lot of unique world standard elite facilities including rooftop infinity pool, an up-to-date fitness center and plentiful dining options, which set a new definition for the only possible way of living in the highest style of Manama.

The location, which is strategically in the heart of the city, allows the residents to simply cruise their way to the acclaimed shopping centers, heritage sites, and vivacious night spots, which explains the adventurous life that comes with this kind of lifestyle.

Address: WC-Building No. 1442, Road No. 4626, Block No. 346, Manama 323 Bahrain

Price: INR 15000/ Night

Website: Charthouse

Downtown Rotana

The triumph of luxury and grace in downtown Rotana Manama is the iconic spot in Vicinity of Bahrain’s capital city.

The hotel is designed in a clean modern architecture and is beautifully interior styled, therefore, creating the perfect location where travelers can stay and enjoy period of solace and elegance.

Equipped with the state-of-the-art amenities and rooms’ categories starting from luxurious apartments to the most convenient suite and lower class rooms, guests are offered a very pleasant combination of comfort and convenience.

In connecting dining options, the hotel aims to be the home of gastronomical delights, featuring restaurants with inspired cuisines from around the world and the Bahrain itself, Mediterranean and Bahraini delights.

Mainly situated near to Manama’s essential landmarks like business districts, which are a must-visit by leisure and business travelers, Downtown Rotana Manama’s hospitality is indeed impeccable.

Address: 110 Government Avenue, Manama 1002 Bahrain

Price: INR 10,000/ Night

Website: Downtown Rotana.

Ibis Styles Manama Diplomatic Area

The Ibis Styles Manama Diplomatic Area Hotel, a new hotel located in downtown Manama, is a modern hotel and is at the heart of the city’s diplomatic district and a convenient journey to key attraction points and business centers.

By bringing contemporary design together with the liveliness of the place, this hotel aspires to be a place of a wonderful and distinctive stay option which pleases both the leisure or business guests.

The hotel’s stylish rooms have all the necessary comfort relaxants that make the stay of its guests very relaxing.

Consumers are guaranteed a variety of foods, prepared at the restaurant inside the hotel to offer an array of local and worldwide cuisines.

Not only does the hotel provide these amenities but it goes further with facilities such as fitness center, meeting rooms and complimentary Wi-Fi, all of which are geared towards the needs of worldly travelers who demand comfort and convenience in their travels to Manama.

Address: Road 1706 Building 511, Diplomatic Area 317, Manama 973 Bahrain

Price: INR 8000/ Night

Website: Ibis Styles.

Tulip Inn Bahrain Suites And Residences

The Tulip Inn Bahrain Suites and Residences located in Manama City provides guests with a homely environment where they can say adieu to their everyday hustles and find themselves in the arms of a new but familiar environment.

The hotel that is right off the downtown area gives you the advantage of close-by major tourist attractions, office buildings, as well as shopping malls.

Large suites and apartments are tastefully designed and have the diversified accessories to serve the long-term and across-short-term guests.

Guests will be offered the opportunity to have gastronomic marvels at the onsite hotel restaurant that has a list of local, continental, and international cuisines.

Being attended by a caring staff and staying at the best facilities of Tulip Inn Bahrain Suites and Residences is indeed a wonderful and relaxing experience in the city of Bahrain, considered the vibrant capital of the country.

Address: Road 1010, Bldg 459, Block 410 Sanabis Area, Manama Bahrain

Price: INR 5000/ Night.

Website: Tulip Inn.

Reef Boutique Hotel

The Reef Boutique Hotel in Manama is a fancy hotel which enjoys a strategic location in the city center majestically combining the concepts of cutting edge design and high service level.

This hotel is especially positioned in close proximity to the Juffair District that allows its guests to go shopping, eat in good restaurants, and enjoy local cultural activities.

The hotel offers the luxury of well-furnished rooms and suites each featuring the latest hardware and an elegant design.

The staying experience promises to be exceptionally comfortable and indulgent.

Leisure seekers can bestow themselves with different options such as the rooftop pool, the gourmet dining at its onsite restaurant or a full body recovery and mind replenishment at the spa and fitness center.

Through its impeccable service, the convenience of being in a central location, and the luxurious amenities of the Reef Boutique Hotel, it stands as the superb option for the savvy travelers who are craving for an unforgettable stay in Manama.

Address: Bldg. 2951, Road 4652, Block 346 Sea Front Manama, Kingdom Of Bahrain, Manama 0000 Bahrain

Price: INR 12000/ Night

Website: Reef B.

Novotel Bahrain Al Dana Resort

Amid the soothing scenery of the coast of Manama, Novotel Bahrain Al Dana Resort is a perfect mix of serenity and luxury for someone looking for a calm place to relax.

Resort is privileged to be situated right at the shores of the much scenic calm waters of the Arabian Gulf thus providing a perfect opportunity for you to rest while still at the same time appreciating their beauty.

This seaside hotel is equipped with beautifully appointed rooms and the Novotel Bahrain Al Dana Resort offers, among other things, all the expected comfort for either leisure or business travelers.

Consumers are able to partake in a wide range of various recreational activities, from soothing spa treatments to thrilling water sports.

Ultimately, what makes the stay unforgettable are the experience and pleasure that comes from it.

It literally has attained its name as the very definition of luxury and hospitality in the Imperial City of Manama” because of its commending service and its astonishing scenery.

Address: 121 Sheikh Hamad Causeway, Manama Bahrain

Price: INR 15000/ Night

Website: Novotel.

Le Méridien City Centre Bahrain

The Hotel Le Meridien City Centre Bahrain in Manama is a perfect place both to get completely relaxed while hiding from the noise and dust of the city and to immerse yourself in the local culture.

To this end, the perfect combination of the European and Bahraini cultures was achieved by the hotel builders.

Located only a few minutes away from the City Centre Bahrain mall, this hotel offers visitors comfort and luxury, making it easy to take advantage of the mall’s high-end shopping, dining, and entertainment.

The hotel gives a very beautiful look of style.

Its rooms and suites equally provide you a good and sophisticated comfort with the modern facilities of the city or the Arabian Gulf.

Dining at the Le Méridien City Centre Bahrain means indulging in more than just food.

With a variety of meal options from different countries, mixed drinks, and the finest gastronomy, you are sure to have a memorable culinary experience.

Guests of Le Meridien City Centre Bahrain will not only have the chance to pamper themselves with a pleasurable spa treatment, the privilege of enjoying a dip in the rooftop pool and the opportunity to explore the Coastal Village nearby but they will also be bewitched with the very essence of luxury, convenience and great service.

Address: Sheikh Khalifa Bin Salman Highway Seef District, Manama Bahrain

Price: INR 20,000/ Night

Website: Le Méridien City Centre Bahrain.

Crowne Plaza Manama

Crowne Plaza Manama, inaugurated in the middle of Bahrain’s capital, hosts the best place for those who travel for business and those who seek to get perfect relaxation.

By combining latest design and unexpected details with the elegant atmosphere the hotel creates a cozy shelter while surrounded by the constant noise and motion of the city.

Guests will be treated to a variety of cuisine at the on-site restaurants.

This includes international options spanning numerous cuisines to the locals’.

The rooms and suites of the hotel are furnished with top-notch amenities satisfying the needs of guests who are ready to relax after a day of adventuring, business meetings, or an active day of sports.

Get ready to spend your stay in our hotel which is a few minutes drive from major attractions and business areas.

Crowne Plaza Manama is exactly what you need for a wonderful stay.

Address: Diplomatic Area 317, Manama Bahrain

Price: INR 14,000/ Night

Website: Crowne Plaza.

Fraser Suites Diplomatic Area – Bahrain

Located in the heart of Manama, Bahrain’s vibrant capital, Fraser Suites Diplomatic Area is an elegant option for guests who prefer stately living in this beautiful city’s diplomatic enclave.

The hotel houses 158 luxurious and spacious suites, offering guests a choice of comfortable and convenient accommodation that business and leisure visitors after stay must have.

Guests have at their disposal advanced facilities, including the panoramic terrace with the swimming pool, which offers a stunning skyline and smart fitness center.

The fantastic location of Fraser Suites makes it possible to access the major sites, e.g., the National Museum of Bahrain, and the renowned Bahrain World Trade Center (BWTC) conveniently.

Guests can choose from short term or long stay visits and Fraser Suites Diplomatic Area is an ideal hideaway decorated with all the necessary facilities in this bustling capital.

Address: Building 34, Road 1701, Block 317, Manama 11527 Bahrain

Price: INR 15000/ Night

Website: Fraser.

The Juffair Grand Hotel

Located in an energetic and lively part of Juffair, The Juffair Grand Hotel is a symbol of comfort, luxury, and an admired hotel in Manama, Bahrain.

Nowadays, the hotel provides its visitors with a comfortable, stylish, and convenient place to stay with its gorgeous architecture and advanced facilities, making it a favorite spot for both leisure travelers and business travelers.

Guests have an opportunity to experience a gourmet expedition through the hotel’s elite restaurants and taste the delicacies of various countries through their mouth-tempting recipes.

Juffair Grand Hotel offers refined lodgings drafted with attention to details that offers guests personal space of renaissance and serenity in the middle of the rush city.

Its main position gives the visitors easy access to the surrounding points of interests, which makes their experience unique in every way.

Address: Near Grand Mosque Bldg 676 Road 4015 block 340, Manama Bahrain

Price: INR 4000/ Night

Website: Juffair Grand