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Giriraj Nagar, Mirjapar Road,
Bhuj (Kutch)- 370001

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  • Kutch White Rann
    Rann of Kutch is a unique spot in Gujarat and is considered to be one of the most important salt deserts on the planet. The White Plains’ divine beauty can be experienced by looking at it at night. This is a fascinating holiday and excursion spot. You will get a glimpse into the life of the Kutch tribe and have the chance to learn about their traditional art forms, which include music, dance and embroidery. It is one of the most popular places in Bhuj. Distance from hotel 90 km Via NH 341 1hr 47min. Smritivan Earthquake Memorial and Museum in Bhuj Smritivan Earthquake Memorial and Museum is a memorial park dedicated to the victims of 2001 Gujarat earthquake and museum on Bhujiyo Hill in Bhuj, Kutch district, Gujarat, India. It has seven blocks with displays on seven different themes.
    Distance from hotel 6.3 km, 12 min.

    Mandvi Beach
    The Mandvi beach is a stretch of golden-brown sand located at the southernmost point of Gujarat’s Kutch district. It is located south of the main intersection, Bhuj. The beach is located in the same town as its name, which historically had a busy port serving India. The historic part of the town still has the fort wall from the former trading centre. The serene beach is a welcome addition for visitors to the area. Evenings are especially wonderful because of the sunset.
    Distance from hotel 55.9 km, 1hr 4 min.

    Vijay Vilas Palace
    Vijay Vilas Palace is one of the best palaces in India with a slight touch of modern architecture. Built only 100 years ago in 1920, it is safe to call it a contemporary palace, especially when comparing it to the amazing centuries-old forts and palaces that India has. The fact that Vijay Vilas Palace is just a hundred years old is great because the palace is in the same shape it was a century ago. There has been no loss of any beauty that the artisans from Gujarat, Rajasthan, Bengal and Kutch showcased in this palace.
    Distance from hotel 63.9 km, 1hr 18min.

    Ajrakhpur is an arts-and-craft village located in the desert city of Bhuj. It is well-known for its Ajrakh print, which is a block printed on fabric. The village is located 15 km from Bhuj and still practices Ajrakh printing by the Khatri Muslim ancestors. Block printing
    in Ajrakh is done manually using only natural colours.
    Distance from hotel 18.2 km 29 min.

    Prag Mahal Prague Mahal
    Located in the suburbs of Bhuj is an outstanding piece of architecture in India. It was built in the nineteenth century and is located right next to Aina Mahal, making it easy to find. This grand palace is listed among the most famous places inBhuj. It has many Gothic-style windows and Corinthian columns around it.Distance from hotel 3.9 km 10 min.

    Nirona Handicraft Village
    Nirona village lies approximately 40km from Bhuj. This region is home to some of the most distinctive textile products in the world, as well as intricately crafted metal
    pieces. The shops are located in rustic, traditional settings where locals sell their goods at mounted rates on a monthly basis. It is one of the most popular places in Bhuj.
    Distance from hotel 43.1 km 51 min.

  • 10 mins away from Bhuj, Railway station & Aiport


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