Dining At Ramee Royal Hotel, Dubai



Mirchi is a signature restaurant at Ramee Royal Hotel, Dubai. Our hotel near Dubai Airport serves Indian fusion cuisine for our guests. It is set in a sports bar theme and is best visited when you are looking to unwind after a long day.



Kairali is a Malabari cuisine restaurant at Ramee Royal Hotel, Dubai. Guests who visit this restaurant can dig into a variety of delectable dishes here. Our restaurant serves lunch and dinner options to our guests.



Bollywood is an Indian-themed restaurant at our hotel in Dubai. Guests who visit our hotel can enjoy a variety of dishes here.



Times Café is a premium sports bar at our hotel near Dubai Airport. It serves a variety of alcoholic drinks and is perfect for people who are looking to have a swell dining experience in Dubai.



It’s Indi is a signature multicuisine restaurant at Ramee Royal Hotel, Dubai. It serves a range of delectable dishes that are prepared using farm-fresh ingredients.



Roti Boti is an Arabic themed restaurant where you can enjoy a variety of Arabic dishes that are prepared by our experienced set of chefs.



Café Au Lait is an Indian cuisine restaurant where our guests can enjoy breakfast and lunch options. The food served in a buffet-style here so the guests can pick and choose the dishes which fit their tastes.

Onyx 2


Onyx is a Thailand cuisine restaurant that is perfect for tasting a variety of Thai based cuisines. We source the ingredients from nearby markets thereby ensuring that all our food retains its freshness and taste.