Founded in 1985 by the Chairman and 'Chief Managing Worker' Raj Shetty, Ramee Group of Hotels, Resorts & Apartments and Ramee Group of Companies believe in prioritising the comfort of our guests before any other aspect. Our chief business activity is currently focused on the hospitality sector, and our network spans over 40 mid-range hotels and service apartments. We operate across cities in the UAE, Bahrain, Oman and India in prime locations (including Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Mumbai, Bangalore and Indore).

Our Chairman maintains an outlook that drives the constant diversification of our services and products pertaining to the hotel industry. Ramee Group handles the operations of various Food & Beverage outlets, especially our exclusive chain of Rock Bottom Cafes that have soared in terms of popularity in recent times. We are also looking to expand into the luxury market, and one of our projects has already been launched in Pune, India. Furthermore, we are involved in the active management of a luxury Japanese restaurant incorporated within our 5-star property in Bahrain, and a branch of the restaurant is underway in Mumbai.

We at the Ramee Group, believe in providing the best experience to our guests, and hence we strive to improve our services continuously. We are proud to say that our brand has been lauded and recognised for over the years with several prestigious awards and certificates. Stay with us to get the best out of your holiday experience.